i just want to ride bikes with you

April 5, 2010

Kim got me a t-shirt in New York that says “I just want to ride bikes with you.”

Jon at Sabrosa Cycles is helping me do that. I’ve never been so excited about a bike. I’m beside myself. Literally. I mean, really, look over there–do you see me?

Ha. Don’t you love “literal” humor?

Anyway. Jon is documenting my frame build for me. And, as the South Park guys would sing in that poo song, vicariously for you too.

Enjoy. I know I am.













So close.

We’re very very close. I can feel it.


11 Responses to “i just want to ride bikes with you”

  1. evilbanks Says:

    pure sweetness!

  2. mark Says:

    But is it fast?

    Nevermind. If you look that good, fast is irrelevant.

    I know you like orange, but I think you should paint it blue, as in Blue Steel.

  3. Nate Kingdon Says:

    Can’t imagine waiting for something that is built around your wants. Thats too many decisions for me. Most importantly though, does it come with that plush orange couch?

    • jruss Says:

      word – that couch is amazing. the kind of couch that is difficult to get out of once you have settled down into it. sorry dug – the couch is not part of the deal.

  4. cubsfarr Says:

    I thought your color choice referenced “The Cannibal”. Now I see it is an homage to the couch.

  5. Mike J Says:

    And why haven’t you established residence on the couch yet for a front row seat? I would have.

  6. KanyonKris Says:

    Hold the presses – the steer tube angle is off by half a degree!

    But seriously, I stared at each photo admiring the craftsmanship and details. Love these baby (fetus) pictures. Have you bought the cigars?

    dug, are you having second thoughts about painting this bike? Just look at that beautiful metal, and the gorgeous welds (brazings?). I’d be tempted to go clear coat only.

  7. BotchedExperiment Says:

    I think you’re going to need some seat stays. Glad I could help.

  8. gbrown Says:

    Exquisite. And that goes for the previous post as well. BTW, some field guys came into town for training and wanted to get an afternoon in at Snowbird yesterday. I was only too happy to host. But after moving mountains to get up there by early afternoon, repeated lightning strikes shut the whole place down. I got one run… on Chickadee!

  9. VA Biker Says:

    That is beautiful.

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