i am baffled

May 5, 2010

Many winters ago, I was a student at the stone-coldest university in the nation. This university had an absolutely stellar campus newspaper. So stellar that I remember a particular firestorm topic that dominated the Letters to the Editor page for a solid week. The hot topic?

“Is it rude to read the newspaper in the very busy library restrooms between classes?” Cuz, you know, lots of people with lots of urgent needs and all that. Temperatures ran hot.

Anyway. I’m reminded by this only because I’ve discovered yet another restaurant that conveniently leaves not only a waiting/observation chair in the men’s restroom, but stacks said chair with reading material.

thai bathroom chair

I mean, really? Is it because you can lock the door, so that’s where employees go for quiet time? Or do they really expect customers to take time before, during, or after their meal to go in there and hang out for a while?

I admit it–I am baffled.

9 Responses to “i am baffled”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Do they want customers to feel so welcome and at-ease?

    Like having house guests – you could let them use your bedroom, but then they may never leave. So you set them up with the marginally comfortable hide-away bed to prevent an over stay.

    If I were homeless, I’d live in that bathroom.

  2. jruss Says:

    the daily unifarce? such a fine publication.

  3. Jeff Says:

    I think in this case, the chair is being used as a newspaper rack or bookshelf – which makes sense to me. The other restroom was just bizarre.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Ick. I don’t share restroom newspapers with other people. Not everyone washes their hands, you know, and some people should have washed them before even sitting down.

    At least it’s a nice looking chair.

  5. bikemike Says:

    baffled or befuddled?

  6. Miles Archer Says:

    Probably the only place they are allowed to smoke.

  7. Linfin Says:

    I am baffled at how anyone can think about touching reading material that has been sitting in restrooms. Thinking of what people are doing while reading them, and what might be transferred to the reading material, gives me the heebie jeebies.

  8. Steve Says:

    To quote Mr. Bean: It’s just a little poo!

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