(not) having a baby

May 28, 2010

Today I want to compare having a baby to riding my bike.

Not REALLY having a baby. I know, I know, unless I’ve had a Smart Car ripped out of my ass, I can’t ever compare anything I’ve ever done to having a baby. I get that.

But, it’s more like the aftermath I’m talking about. That is, a woman has a baby, it’s the best (but mostly the worst) experience of her life, and 2 years later she has another baby. Because you forget, somehow, how horrible it was.

That’s what happens with biking. Climbing mostly. After my first Leadville, I called Kim from Colorado and told her it was the worst experience ever, and I was leaving my bike at the finish line, because I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to ride it again.

In the morning, on the drive home, we were all talking about how we’d go faster next year.

Last night, I went and did Rick S’s Thursday Night Ride race in Corner Canyon. 26 guys showed up, everybody threw $5 in the pot (even though, realistically, maybe 5 guys had a shot at the cash, it was just $5, totally worth it just for fun. It’s not like we were lighting our money on fire. I think.), and we headed up, neutral start for quarter mile or so to the first jeep road, then suddenly we were going balls out.

Brad led the climb (I hear, I mean, technically were were in the same county, but you wouldn’t have known it if you were there), and a bunch of us, herded by Mark, quickly formed a grupetto. Now, grupetto generally means “the group at the back going slow” but that only applied to Mark and Daren I think–the rest of us were on the rivet.

Mark and Daren chatted the whole way up, I hyperventilated, and by the time we got almost to the top of Clarks, I officially went into Seth Mode. Seth is my nephew, Rick S’s son, and when he gets mad, he makes his mad face and announces to the world “No One Talks To Me!”

That’s what I do on a climb like Clarks/Jacobs at race pace. I put both headphones in and didn’t say another word until I got to the top and snaked the downhill hole shot from Daren. Just as a joke, I gave it back to him. Sorry about that Daren. Like Egon, you earned it.

But here’s the having-a-baby thing–before I was even a single minute into the Jacobs downhill, I had forgotten all the pain, and was having the time of my life. Pure joy.

I was near DFL, had a bleeding shin, and a crease on my nose from the clear Home Depot shop glasses I was wearing, but I couldn’t stop smiling. Cant wait to do it again.

Miles took some pics, see them here. Here’s one I ripped off from him:

me exiting stairs

Some pics of Brandon Smith, collecting his Champions Belt (and purse full of cash):

night race four

night race three

There was even a prize table. I won a Racer’s T-Shirt and some homemade chocolate from Rachel.

Brandon double-dipped, champions belt, cash, AND socks from the prize table:

night race two

Brandon sporting the belt at the post-race Village Inn:

night race one

I admit, I was skeptical about this having-a-baby thing, I mean informal night racing thing.

But I’m a believer. I’ll be back. Good one Dick.


6 Responses to “(not) having a baby”

  1. Rick S. Says:

    It’s funny. I think half of the riders last night were introduced to mountain biking by you. You are still the alpha male.

    • evilbanks Says:

      Indeed. Dug was the one who broke me back in to the game—took me up Clarks for the first time and all I remember is wanting to shoot myself on the way up and then planning another outing on the way down……good call.

  2. GrizzlyAdam Says:

    How awesome must it be to be able to say “hey Uncle Dug!”

  3. tibiker Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, I had the same thoughts as I started the downhill. I completely wanted to throw up on the climb and kept asking myself why I do this stuff, then the downhill answered my question. What a blast.

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    As always, dug, you find the relevant analogy / story.

  5. Daren Says:

    No need for a “sorry”. Hesitation at the top deserves to be punished. I had a good time riding with Seth.

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