where’s paperman #2

June 7, 2010

I’d kind of forgotten about Paperman for the last week, until I came across him clearly trying to plan his escape from the gravel pit across the aisle from my double wide:

paperman on bike

Unfortunately, his saga ended more like a Logan’s Run extra than like Scarlett and Ewan from The Island:

paperman in box

Yup, that box is taped shut. Someone doesn’t want Paperman out of the box.

But Paperman is more like Freddie Krueger than any old dummy, and I’m pretty sure some packing tape and cardboard aren’t enough to keep Paperman from stalking his captors for very long.


15 Responses to “where’s paperman #2”

  1. Ben Says:

    Wow, this whole saga reminds me of Jeff, from the PBS classic, “Today’s Special”.

    Now all that paperman needs is a little British derby cap he can wear around the office for ‘always on’ creepiness.

  2. Michele Says:

    Help me!

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    “Paperman is on the rivet now with his pursuers shattered behind him.”

  4. bikemike Says:

    you cubicle people seem to have massive amounts of spare time on your hands.
    i’m jealous.

    • dug Says:

      mike, just how much time do you think it takes to put a dummy on a bike and snap a picture?

      you should have seen us in our old big corporate days–3 up kids bike races in the hallways. i think those buildings still have holes in the walls in the corners from the pedals.

      we are but a ragged remnant of our old selves.

      • bikemike Says:

        you’re asking a dummy to explain himself. my assumption would be the dummy put up a fight, hence, the consumption of time.

  5. mtb w Says:

    It seems like his escape plan went awry when his legs were too short to reach the pedals. Isn’t that always the case?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Is that Diet (dare I say it?) Pepsi in the background?

    • dug Says:

      well, it’s not like disneyland around here where we get to just outright BAN the kerosene. paperman is his own man (except when he’s taped in a box) and goes where he likes. sometimes even if that place has diet pepsi.

      by the way, they also have mexi-coke in there. not that we should be impressed by that or anything.

  7. anon Says:

    Is that (dare I say it?) Diet Pepsi in there?

  8. bikemike Says:

    also, does del monte produce just “regular” bananas and what makes them different? i’m betting that “premium” is some jacked up advertising mumbo jumbo.

  9. Bethany Says:

    Agh. Why is that persons space so messy? Don’t they realize how much time and money they are wasting by not being organized or able to find anything???? I can’t even look at it!!!! I dont even live in the same time zone as you and its all I can do to keep from coming over and cleaning! I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

  10. Steve The BigRide Says:

    False bottom on the box and make them wonder how Paperman was able to escape.

    You have to set Paperman up with a walkie talkie and video the fun.

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