eez it safe?

June 18, 2010

Do you think this guy’s super duper nice BMW is safer or less safe being parked essentially on the sidewalk, directly outside the entrance to Harmons.

You know, rather than parking out in the parking lot, either in a normal parking space, or double-parked to avoid door dings?

stupid car

It’s possible, although I’m not admitting to anything here, I’m just saying it’s possible, that I bumped it with my lil ole shopping cart as I walked by. Possibly.

Now where is it safer?


17 Responses to “eez it safe?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    What kind of tool does that? You should have hocked a big old loogie on his driver’s side mirror.

  2. Rick S. Says:

    Clearly he/she is much better than the rest of us. I only wish I was there to help carry the groceries for them.

  3. stevenbpt Says:

    you should have left him a note saying sorry for the damage and left the rejection hotline number!! and I am saying safer in Kansas. just sayin.

  4. eber Says:

    what’s the difference between BMWs and cacti?

    Cacti have the pricks on the outside.

    Ho ho. That kills.

  5. Miles Archer Says:

    My mother used to carry a grease pencil in her purse for such situation. She would write SHAME! all over the windows

  6. Jenn Says:

    This post is further confirmation that, should we ever meet, you and I would get along famously. I’m so sorry to hear you *might* have gotten one of those carts with the bad wheel…those things can be a menace.

  7. roan Says:

    Reply to eber, I’ve looked very carefully, the driver’s side window doesn’t look tinted. Sooo in this BMW’s case its prick is on the outside too.
    OOPS better make that plural, could be a whole family of pricks. Well maybe only 2 pricks…if they had any the little pricks they would be in back seat of the BMW.
    I think I would have gone back to just inside the door of Harmon’s and yelled, “HEY ! the tow truck is hooking up to a white BMW”.

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    Where’s Waldo’s Beemer? Oh, there it is!

    dug, next time turn off the laser sight for your RPG before taking a photo. Thanks.

  9. bikemike Says:

    what if there was some kind of magical way to let the air out of the tires.

    • mark Says:

      I’ve thought about adding a valve core remover to my underseat bag similar situations. Perhaps I should add one to my key chain as well. Problem is, then the beemer is stuck there for a longer period of time than just the trip for groceries.

      • Doug (not dug) Says:

        You are on to something. It would be cool if pens had a valve core remover that doubled as a clicker. That or you could just jam the pen in the valve stem. Worked in High School. Not that I would know anything about that.

  10. VA Biker Says:

    We have an interesting situation at our local Costco. The store sidewalk/entry zone is flush with the parking lot asphalt. Well, that was too big of an invitation for the special people to pull up onto the sidewalk to load their SUVs (it’s ALWAYS SUVs). So, about a year ago, the folks in Kirkland, WA, approved adding concrete bollards to keep folks off the sidewalk.

    As it turns out, it doesn’t matter. The same people who used to pull on the sidewalk, now pull up on the asphalt, right next to the bollards, still impeding foot traffic.

    How lazy and privileged are people that they can’t wheel the cart out to their vehicle after pushing it around the store? It’s a fascinating thing to observe…

  11. roan Says:

    valve stem remover…carried one years ago. Came in useful one early Spring day while driving on a logging road passing a remote lake. 2 dingos were out in donuts fishing in the middle of the lake.
    I called out to them that the season doesn’t start for 2 weeks. Their reply “So what are you going to do about it ?” “I’ll are F&G when I get home and give them your plate number.” They laughed, “Go ahead” followed with more laughing.
    Hummm what’s up with that I’m thinking…stolen plates maybe ??? Well I did call F&G (F&G we can’t possibly get there to catch them) ahhh the valve stem remover worked well on two stems.

    • dug Says:

      well, that’s a bit too hayduke for me.

      come to think of it, i think hayduke would approve of fishing out of season. and throwing his empties in the lake.

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