picky sleeping

June 29, 2010

I’ve spent some time trying to decide if I’m crazy. I think that’s normal.

The latest thing also has me wondering if I’m just old.

It’s summer here in Utah, and the heat is on. Typically, when the heat gets bad, even though we have air conditioning, we try not to spend the GDP of a medium sized country on the air conditioning, but because of some allergy issues, we can’t just sleep with the windows open either. And because the heat has only recently been an issue, we’re still tweaking the sleeping arrangements.

Generally on the master bed, we have a sheet (not the fitted under-us sheet, although we have that too, but an above-us sheet), a quilt Kim’s Grandma Jean made us when we got married, and a down comforter inside a duvet cover. It sounds like more stuff than it is.

So the other night I got hot. Hot enough that by morning, I had only one leg still under the covers.

So the next night, we took off the duvet/comforter, and went with the sheet/light quilt combo.

I did not get hot. I did not get cold. But I think I only slept alternating hours. Turns out I need the heft.

I need blankets with some heft to them on top of me while I sleep. It’s weird. I mean, I would be the right temperature with just a sheet, but then it feels like I’m naked. Not that I mind being naked, or even sleeping naked. I don’t mind. But I need heft.

So last night, we removed the quilt, and put the duvet/comforter thingy back on. I slept like a baby.

Sure, I slept with a leg and an arm outside the covers. But I slept.

I don’t like the idea of being a picky sleeper. I want to be like a soldier who can sleep anywhere, concrete floor, back of a humvee, on a horse, wherever.

But apparently I’m a picky sleeper.

If you ever see me at Starbucks with an afghan on my shoulders, fast asleep with my mouth wide open . . .

Um. Please don’t put something nasty in my mouth.


15 Responses to “picky sleeping”

  1. orangekathy Says:

    you need to try something new. Fold up the heaviest blanket and lay it across your calves/feet. This will trick your mind into thinking you have the heft, but you won’t get too hot! Good luck!

  2. bikemike Says:

    You should maybe think of attending a couples sniper training retreat or something. They teach you how to sleep, lying down in a swamp with rats and snakes and no air conditioning. Kinda think your duvet trouble would be a thing of the past.
    Or, you could just read a Stephen Hunter/Bob Lee Swagger book and be done with all of your sleep issues.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Sounds like a getting old thing. My sleep isn’t easy and reliable like it used to be. But other than Ambien, whadaya do? Can’t stop time / aging.

    Since the extremities best radiate heat, how about just sheet with a heavy pillow or folded blanket on your chest for heft? Or a bag of cement.

  4. Cor Says:

    ….or do what I do. Buy a fan and point it at you while you sleep. That way you get to use your blanky AND you are not cold.

  5. kelly Says:

    I’m with you on the heft issue. Weight on just the feet or another area just won’t cut it. I completely understand your post.
    Try a down body pillow that you can lie against, and kick away when too cumbersome? Hmm… haven’t solved this one yet myself, but the pillow helps.

  6. Rick S. Says:

    maybe it’s the 50 lb lead pillow you use. Just saying…that thing is ridiculous.

  7. prodigalcyclist Says:

    I too suffer from the same problem. Solution: Keep the sheets (fitted and flat) and down comforter, ditch the quilt and duvet. While not quite the same, the down comforter will still provide sufficient heft while the absence of the duvet will allow it to breath. No, it’s not as pretty as if the duvet were still on, but it works.

  8. mark Says:

    I’ve found that sweating as much as possible at night is a good weight loss strategy since I weigh myself first thing in the morning. I say just suffer through the heat.

  9. eber Says:

    yep. you’re crazy.

  10. Steve The BigRide Says:

    In my mind I’m still a teen. I know that because I find stupid things to work on that my kids (teens) find cool. Last weekend we starting building a boat to see if it will float in the pool.
    My body says you’re gettng older. I know this because I’m sore from hand sanding the boat.
    Getting older and needing less sleep means I get up earlier and have more time to float a boat.
    Getting my wifey and neighbors on the same wave length is a whole different boat to float.

  11. Bethany Says:

    Dug, I too enjoy the same affliction as you. Durin the winter, I leave the window open a crack to ensure maximum air chill (I live in Seattle so “super cold” is somewhere around 40 degrees) and then sleep with two comforters. It is heaven.

    During the summer, the best solution I have come up with is to do the fitted top sheet and then I have a twin sized down comforter that I turn sideways and use just to cover the upper half of my body. This seems to give me the weight I so enjoy and let my legs cool off at the same time.

  12. That is a funny title it definately caught my attention. It’s pretty funny but I guess I am the same way…a picky sleeper. I usually just sleep with lgith blankets in the summer and use my down comforter in the winter.

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