i don’t care

July 6, 2010

I know I should care more, but I admit I’m having trouble even coming up with the energy to care about not caring enough.

I’m talking about the Tour de France, of course. Well, among other things. Maybe even the World Cup.

There was a time when I would log into velonews.com and read the minute by minute update of every damn stage. I knew riders’ names and teams. I would record the crappy TV coverage, and even watch it. I used to follow the Classics. The Giro. Even the Vuelta.

These days, Rick S. will say “did you watch today’s stage?” and I’ll suddenly remember that the Tour is going on.

And it’s not just cycling. I mean, I believe that the World Cup is the coolest sporting event in the world, including the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Maybe especially the Super Bowl.

But I have yet to actually make room in my super busy schedule to watch a single game live. Not once.

Here’s a short list of what I care about:

1. hanging out with my family (which is a broad category of caring)

2. riding my bike

3. backcountry skiing (this would be number 2 if it was Winter)

4. watching movies

5. I forget what 5 was for

I used to be a news junkie. I used to read the big news sites top to bottom, every day. I used to actually finish the occasional issue of The Economist. I used to watch every game of March Madness. I used to get upset about politics. Hell, I wasn’t even born when it started, but I used to get pissed off about Vietnam.

But now I don’t care.

Maybe I’m just mellower now. More laid back. Wiser.

Or. Or maybe I need a testosterone patch?


17 Responses to “i don’t care”

  1. eber Says:

    as apathetic as this may sound, i think the world might actually be a better place if we all followed your lead.

    politics would be less partisan.

    athletes wouldn’t make obscenely more money than me.

    Jihadists would be alright with “it” – whatever “it” is that has them so pissed off.

    TMZ wouldn’t exist and for that matter neither would Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, and Lindsay Lohan.

    that does it. let’s start a movement and get all wrapped up in our not caring.

    do you think they’d create a TV show and political party about it?

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    Bingo, I’m in the same boat.

    Sometimes I get a little freaked out that I don’t care about some stuff anymore, but then I realize I’m happier not being wrapped up in those external, distant things. Or do I just not have time for them anymore? Either way I’m glad most of them are out of my life. And I like to think it’s because I’m wiser.

    I’m reading “Brave New World” right now and it is only cementing my not caring.

  3. bikemike Says:

    Or, maybe we can just mosey on over to mamby-pamby land and get you a whole mess of caring, jack wagon. (loves me some R. Lee Irmy) If you were watching the Tour you’d see the best Geico commercial.

    Just so you know, none of this was personal but i’ve been waiting for three days to use this line from the commercial on someone. Again, you can set up a joke better’n anyone. thanks.

  4. stevenbpt Says:

    You just need a butt!!

    Seriously, I didn’t get past #1! What else is there?

    • dug Says:

      um, biking, skiing, and movies.

      was i not clear about that?

      • stevenbpt Says:

        Very clear. I just don’t ever get past #1! Though movies do sneak in whenever I can get a teenager to stay home long enough to baby sit.

  5. JZ Says:

    Amen to not caring (except for the World Cup – come on man!). For the most part it is the key to happiness. What scares me though is that our politics on both sides of the aisle are being taken over by crazy people that unfortunately care.

  6. KanyonKris Says:

    Is #5 Books (or Literature if you hold your diet coke with a pinky raised)?

  7. The Flyin' Ute Says:

    “Nothing matters, and what if it did” John Cougar

  8. Violent Femmes Says:

    “8,8, and I forget what 8 was for.”

  9. Sara-no-h's mate Says:

    Why do you bother posting this stuff. I Don’t Care!

  10. Steve The BigRide Says:

    Commercialism is the killer of caring.

  11. Jack Mormon Says:

    “All is well in Zion…and I don’t care”


  12. Steve Says:

    You need a theme song and this one is perfect!

    “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care…”

    • BurkeInTheOzarks Says:

      I always thought it was “Jimmy craps corn and I don’t care…” and, I mean, why would I care if Jimmy craps corn? Unless he didn’t EAT any corn – then I might care, if Jimmy was someone I cared about to begin with.

  13. Big Boned Says:

    The pro’s can all just kiss off into the air…
    LOVE that song, thanks for bringing it to mind.
    I also used to log on and read the minute to minute updates for the tour (refresh, refresh, refresh), but just can’t muster any excitment for it since Landis. I couldn’t tell you who are considered the favorites. Just got tired of all the doping, but even more bothersome was all the lying! I just hated the righteous indignation that eventually ended in humiliating apologies over and over again. I just don’t believe ANY of them anymore. They’ve taken away any joy of watching someone ride a bike. It just leaves more time for me to pedal my own (and I’m not cheating).

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