some naked and some not

July 13, 2010

First, there are no pictures of naked people, including me, in this post. Although I do discuss nakedness. Just thought I should be clear.

I snuck out for some Corner Canyon after work last night, and in an hour and a half on some of the most popular trails in the canyon I saw one other biker, about halfway up Clarks.

Course, that may be because the thermometer read 97 degrees at the parking lot. That might also explain the pain of Clarks and why I always climb Canyon Hollow over Clarks these days. Yesterday was a bad day to shake things up.

It’s good the parking lot was deserted. At least until I decided to take my pants off to put on my cycling shorts. Happens every time–someone pulls in an parks next to me the moment I take my pants off. And then this:

shorts two

No matter how hard you pull, the elastic on the shorts is NOT going to relax and let you pull your shorts on. Ever. You have to bend down and pull the elastic over your heel.

But not until you pull so hard you strain a muscle, and then fall over in the parking lot with your naked ass in the air for the world to appreciate. At that point, the elastic figures you’ve had enough, and relaxes on its own.

And here are a couple random pictures from Flaming Gorge last week, where I managed to not drop my iPhone into the lake this year.

gorge me backflip

Me, thinking I was showing the boys something cool:

dug backflip

And, Ian showing me that I am old and creaky, and, that he isn’t:

gorge ian big

And posing:

ian noble wetsuits


9 Responses to “some naked and some not”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    What was the driver’s reaction? Or did you avoid looking up?

  2. mark Says:

    I started cycling just to see naked people in the parking lot before and after. Problem is, it’s all dudes. Where do the women change? It’s like that trick they all know of taking a bra off without removing the shirt–one minute they’re in street clothes, next minute they’re in cycling kit, but they completely disappeared during the transition. Either that or they were just lost in the preponderance of bare male asses.

  3. Changes in Car Says:

    Perhaps if you set the camera down and used both hands these type of incidents could be avoided?

  4. GrizzlyAdam Says:

    I rode CC. Hot as hell. I changed in the parking lot and was trying to go so fast that I nearly fell over. Luckily, it was empty.

    Mark, after the KTR one of the female finishers stripped down and changed right in front of everyone. My little brother has never been the same.

  5. mary from NC Says:

    where do women change? let’s describe an after a ride change

    if you own a sedan you open the front door, you open the rear door, preferably next to another car. see that 3 foot place in btwn? we drop down scoot off our cycling shorts and pull on the running ones. OR for those of us that drive MINIs, Jeeps or trucks, we bring skirts. pull them on over the cycling shorts, pull off the cycling shorts all while being hidden. perhaps you men should consider wearing an after ride kilt.

  6. Steve The BigRide Says:

    Do like we surfers do – Wrap a towel.
    I was thinking of buying a kilt for this reason but kilts look dumb on the beach.

  7. 1972roses Says:

    I took my iphone into the pool last week. Thank God for compressed air and bags of rice.

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