friday news roundup

August 20, 2010

I sort of dissed Diane Rehm a bit yesterday, even though I kind of love her, although she DID devote an entire hour of her show to bedbugs yesterday, so she kind of had it coming, but I listened to her again this morning, because I love the Friday News Roundup.

Except for when her guests insist on pronouncing country names as if they are from there. PahkiSTAN. Oh. Do you also say Los Angeles as if you just crossed over from Tijuana? Stop it. You’re from Jersey.

But today, inspired by a bit of comedy in her Friday news roundup, I’ll do a bit of a roundup. Starting with her roundup.

A guy, Michael from Falls Church, VA, calls in and says the obligatory “Thanks for taking my call.” Yes, and thanks for wasting the first few seconds of your call thanking Diane for taking your call. SHE didn’t take your call, some producer in the booth did. Okay? So just ask your question already, you schmuck.

Wait, let me take my pill.

Okay, I’m back, much better.

Anyway, this Michael from Falls Church, VA, says “earlier in the show, you mentioned Jury Rigging something something in PahkisTAN. I just wanted to tell you, it’s not Jury Rigging. It’s GERRY Rigging. From the same guy who invented Gerrymandering. So there.”

There was a thunderous silence (during which the caller screener was probably executed on the spot). Except in my car, where there was thunderous laughter.

By the way, a quick Google search shows that Michael from Falls Church, Va is almost certainly wrong. Which makes the entire episode that much funnier. A grammar nazi didn’t just plop down on someone’s blog and criticize the use of a split infinitive. He called a widely syndicated radio show and did it. And was almost certainly WRONG about it.

Diane and her Friday News Roundup cohorts composed themselves quickly. Although, for a second or two, I was sure Diane was going to rip this guy a new orifice. And then she remembered doctor’s orders about her voice.

And so, they returned to less important subjects, such as the possibility of Israel bombing Iran, the retirement of the secretary of defense, that sort of drivel.

And now for something completely different.

On our ride up AF Canyon this morning (which might explain why I was even listening to Diane Rehm in the first place, since locally she comes on at 9am, and I’m usually well into my second Diet Coke at my desk by then), we were passed by this car about 4 times (they kept going up and coming back down, and not very fast):

giant bike picture courtesy of atomic miles

Sure, it’s a fine car, a Buick I think. But check out that bike.

In other words, Shawn Bradley was about to ride AF Canyon. Or Goliath. One of the two. Or Sasquatch. Or someone else really really large.

It was a good ride up AF this morning, except for the part where I was dfl to the summit, and had lost all feeling in my left hand. I had to wave it around like a crazy man for about 5 minutes before I could grip the bar again.

So I guess my preparations for Park City Point to Point are coming along nicely.

Wait, when is that again?


15 Responses to “friday news roundup”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    You know what they say about the size of a cyclist’s frame?

    That the cyclist is very tall.

    The wheels look comically small.

    I’m usually last to the summit, but the pie doping last night worked wonders.

    Good job winning the sprint.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Hey Mr. Detective, look at the seatpost height. Clearly this was Shaun Bradley’s bike, but he sold it to Spud Webb.

    • KanyonKris Says:

      Oddity turns to mystery. I only saw the guy while he was driving, he looked tall. Perhaps he’s tall but short legs.

      • Jason Says:

        We call him Shrek. He is 6’7. Any person under 5’5 could ride in triangle of this bike. It has the added feature of holding 3 water bottles. And yes he could take anyone on this list dip them in ketchup and eat them….

      • Shrek Says:

        Actually, I do have short legs for being 5’19”. And I can’t believe no one mentioned the 12″ head tube. Actually @ 360 lbs, my center of gravity makes the stability of a long seat tube difficult at best. As to the wheels, I’m open to suggestions. I won’t even talk about finding breaks that work going down a 10% grade. 🙂

        • mark Says:

          Actually, the 12″ head tube is the first thing I noticed. Too late now, but if you’re getting a custom bike and worried about stopping 360 pounds, why not go with disc brakes?

          Of course, if you’re 360 pounds and serious enough about cycling to drop no insignificant sum on a custom frame, why not drop some of those 360 pounds and solve your braking problem by reducing the mass you need to decelerate?

          • jruss Says:

            The first thing I noticed was the super headtube. Sure, custom bicycle builders can crank out a bike with any length of head tube they want, but where, where I say, do you find a carbon fork with a steerer tube that long? Amazing. Maybe this fellow has an inside man at True Temper.

  3. stevenbpt Says:

    Are we sure it’s not Jury Mandering?

  4. bikemike Says:

    Glen Gerrymandering, Glen Ross

  5. GrizzlyAdam Says:

    Thanks for taking my comment. Long time reader. Not a first time commenter, but I appreciate it anyway. So thanks!.

    The caller might have been right, or wrong… depends on the way DR was using it. But he was probably wrong, as jury-rigged is the far more common term.

    And my favorite is when Barack Obama says PawkeeSTAHN and TaleeBAHN in the same sentence.

  6. Brandon Says:

    Fun to ride up with you this morning.

  7. Rachel Says:

    “Wait, let me take my pill.

    “Okay, I’m back, much better.”

    I love this part. And if you have an extra bottle of them around, I’d love to keep some on hand. Specially when I’m driving around Lehi.

  8. stevenbpt Says:

    Whoa!!! Dissin on the new home turf there! What’s so bad about driving in Lehi besides the 3 address methods they have in varying states of implementation and take down.;-)

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