August 30, 2010

Remember Ian? How he re-loaded his iPod and grabbed a bar stool so he could empty the dishwasher in style?


He’s in High School now. And he’s constantly telling us he doesn’t need a curfew or a schedule, he gets plenty of sleep, why are YOU BUGGING ME?!

Apparently he needs at least a little sleep:

ian sleeping haircut

You get it where you can I guess.

6 Responses to “catnap”

  1. BM Says:

    You would have got better exposure on her face if she turned off her illuminated hat.

  2. dug Says:

    they were all out of tinfoil hats.

  3. stevenbpt Says:

    It is a parent’s undeniable right, no DUTY to embarass their kids whenever possible. I know Ian won’t feel embarassed but you fulfilled your duty. Well done! Love ya Ian!

  4. bikemike Says:

    does he not know who his dad is? man, that boy lives life on the edge, doesn’t he.

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    I could go for a haircut / nap combo. Who’s the barber (barberess)? (Can’t bring myself to say stylist, hair dresser, beautician, cosmetologist, etc.)

    So Ian is giving up the Justin Bieber look?

  6. Steve The BigRide Says:

    No matter how much I tell them, my kids still think I’m dumb. Yesterday my son who left the computer on with his Facebook page wide open for the taking. Nice new profile picture.

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