why not?

September 21, 2010

Quite a while back, I reviewed my neighbor. Because things across the street were just that wacky.

In the intervening years, even wackier things have happened. Some things that I don’t really want to get into here. Partly because my neighbor, while wacky, is still a good guy (as far as I know). But wacky stuff is happening. Not just across the street, but on adjacent streets and cul de sacs.

That stuff includes SWAT teams in the middle of the night, dozens (and dozens) of cats, cops, and a fumigator, spittle-laden shouting matches, threats, and so forth.

You know. Your typical Elm Street stuff.

But of course, I don’t have pictures or movies of any of that.

Although, last night, I did snap this WTF moment:


Yup. It just landed there. Out of gas I heard.

Cuz you know. Why not?

And what next?


14 Responses to “why not?”

  1. chtrich Says:

    I thought you were going to say your neighbor used it to commute to work.

  2. Joel Says:

    Dude, you live across the street from Stringfellow Hawke. Airwolf!

  3. mark Says:

    You either live on the wrong side of the neighborhood or the right side. Not sure which. All’s quiet on the Western front.

  4. Doug (not dug) Says:

    I am jealous. Nothing cool like that ever happens in my neighborhood. One note though. It is not a little black helicopter.

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    The Secret says you’re attracting this stuff. What’s next, an alien ship?

  6. stevebpt Says:

    just another day….or that could have been a test landing to see if the all out assault on Suncrest can go as planned or if they need a plan B, Hannibal style. watch out for flying tanks.

  7. tibiker Says:

    I heard some of the DH riders were using that for their shuttle to the top of Suncrest. You need to get in good with your neighbor, ski season is just around the corner. Can you say “heli skiing the Wasatch”?

  8. VA Biker Says:

    About outta’ fuel or not, that looks awfully close to the house. Knowing there’s some trickery in looking at photos, how close is it?

    Rotor tips versus the side of house = not good, though certainly a moment worth capturing on video, um, provided you can stand clear of the shrapnel.

  9. Six Says:

    I’m almost positive a next door helipad will add hundreds to your home value.


  10. Tonks Says:

    We had a malfunctioning hot air balloon land in our yard in Ohio. It almost clipped the house and was a tad scary but proved to be a great way to attract the entire neighborhood within a ten minute time period.

  11. stuckinmypedals Says:

    I have a neighbor who likes to jump rope up and down the street. Totally appropriate for a ten year old girl. My neighbor is a 45 year old woman. At least she keeps her chopper elsewhere and doesn’t have dozens of cats.

  12. Big Boned Says:

    Hmmmm…reminds me of when my buddy taking me from Michigan to Georgia shortly after he got his pilot license. Ran out of fuel in Kentucky. I still hate him, and that was 25 years ago.

    I THINK “finders, keepers” rules still apply. Why don’t you go get a can of gas and move it to YOUR heliport?

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