i have five questions

September 24, 2010

I have five questions. Think of it as my very own Briggs-Meyers personality test.

1. Do you say Icing or Frosting?

As in, “Wow, the BLANK on this cake is $%$%$% awesome!”

2. Do you say On Accident or By Accident?

As in, “Sorry, I rolled the car wheel over your toe BLANK accident.”

3. Do you say Pop or Soda?

As in, “Can you go to Harmons and pick up some tampons and some BLANK?”

4. Would you go to tortuous lengths to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition?

As in, “I prefer the trampoline on which we are jumping.”

5. Do you care what kind of vanilla you put in your cookies?

As in, “What, it’s the generic, it’s like $20 cheaper.”


90 Responses to “i have five questions”

  1. philip Says:

    1. Frosting
    2. on accident
    3. cokes (I am from Texas)
    4. Hell no and I can’t stand when other people do, I understand you with a propositions at the end.
    5. You make cookies? Guess my mom always used watkins, is that the good stuff?

  2. Rob (dug's brother) Says:

    1)Icing (Frosting is pompous)
    2)By Accident
    3)Soda (though I think I used to say Pop in Canada, but I can’t remember)
    4)No (though I often do in written form)
    5)No (but Eliz gets her awesome vanilla from Mexico where it’s like $20 cheaper then your generic)

  3. mark Says:

    1) Frosting (icing is pompous)
    2) By accident
    3) Soda (I vomit a little when I hear pop)
    4) Ending a sentence in a preposition is something up with which I will not put.
    5) Generic vanilla is icky. Buy some vanilla beans and a liter of vodka (Smirnoff works best, as it has no flavors that will alter the vanilla). Drop a dozen beans into the vodka (drink a little first so it doesn’t spill over the top). Set it in your pantry for 60 days, then use that. Your life, or at least your baking, will never be the same.

  4. chtrich Says:

    3)Soda (I grew up in MI)
    -you might find these interesting (and appearantly you need to add in the choice for Coke)

    5)NO! (generics are awesome)

  5. Rachel Says:

    Shocking that my answers seemed so similar to another commenter, until I realized he was my husband. I was so impressed someone else made their own vanilla. (Please don’t tell my you buy that imitation stuff…I’ll have to run the real kind over to your house if you do!)

    1. frosting, as in, “The frosting on this cake is frosting awesome!”
    2. On accident. (not proud of this…it looks wrong)
    3. Soda. (Said pop when I was little, but I also had a strong southern Indiana farm girl accent.)
    4. see Mark’s comment.

    I want to know what this means. Do we get analysis tomorrow?

  6. Scott Says:

    1. That issue wouldn’t come up with me; I’m reluctant to eat things which are particularly unhealthy.

    2. Equal probability.

    3. That issue wouldn’t come up with me either; I drink Gatorade, juice, or water.

    4. Ending a sentence with a preposition should come with a $50 fine.

    5. When I’m asked if I want extra cheese, I’ll ask how much it will cost me. If I hear it will cost an extra 50 cents, I’ll pass. That nicely illustrates my general spending philosophy.

    What’s my personality score?

  7. Ty Says:

    1) Frosting
    2) On Accident
    3) Soda – But who can forget the famous ad – “I wanna POP, I wanna SHHHHHasta!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXgsa9j81Ng
    4) Yes
    5) Imitations are just fine.

  8. Eliz (Rob's wife) Says:

    1.Frosting (I’m pompus)
    3.By accident
    4.No, but I am aware EVERY time that I do and it bothers me.
    5.REAL VANILLA!!!!!

  9. Eliz (Rob's wife) Says:

    So, when do we get the results of your test?

  10. Eliz (Rob's wife) Says:

    When do we get our results????

  11. Eliz (Rob's wife) Says:

    Sorry about the two reply’s that say the same thing. The first one did not post at first. Oops.

  12. BM Says:

    3)I used to go out with this girl who would say “Can you go to the store and pick up some corks and pop.” So yeah, pop.
    4)Two guys at a bus stop.
    Guy1: Where does this bus go to?
    Guy2: You must not be from around here.
    Guy1: How did you know?
    Guy2: Because around here we know better than to end a sentence with a preposition.
    Guy1: Okay then….Where does this bus go to, asshole?
    5)What? Theyre putting vanilla in cookies now?

  13. Tom (Not Rob's wife or Dug's brother - just a lurker) Says:

    1) Who cares? I’ll eat it no matter what it’s called
    2) I only say “on accident” by accident
    3) Soda (pop when i was growing up in western NY) – though I don’t actually drink much anymore – pop, er, soda, that is.
    4) What’s a preposition?
    5) Real vanilla only. BTW, I like the receipe. I may have to try it. How do you keep from drinking it for 60 days?

  14. Brandon Says:

    1 – Icing
    2 – on accident
    3 – Soda (but when I lived in Florida attending USF I was always confused why everything was a Coke.
    4 – No
    5 – Real, immiation tastes funny

  15. rick Says:

    1- icing

    2- BY accident, but ON purpose

    A related question:
    Do you BRING or TAKE? My wife will ask me if I am going to bring my lunch to work tomorrow. My response is “Yes, I am going to TAKE it.” But, if a co-worker were to ask me my response would be “Yes, i am going to bring it.” So, my usage is situational; my wife seems to think it should always be ‘bring.’ Others?

    3. Coke, for a generic soft drink. Otherwise, ask by name. I once asked a fast-food operator for a glass of soda-water because that is what I wanted. (You know – plain carbonated water.) She asked me “What flavor?” I took us quite a while to understand each other. (Kind of like me and my wife.)

    4. If I can avoid it without going to ridiculous lengths (which I believe was your original question,) I will try to avoid the sentence-ending preposition, especially in writing. Speaking is generally far too casual for me to care.

    5. My preference would be to avoid the generic, imitation stuff, but the high-priced “artisinal” stuff is just pretentious. There is plenty of good vanilla in between.

    BTW, Eliza @ 10:31. “Replys” is plural, not possessive. You don’t need the apostrophe. This bothers me far more than misplaced prepositions. (As does ‘there’ for ‘their’, ‘your’ for ‘you’re’, etc.)

  16. JB Says:

    1. Frosting … icing sounds too mature.
    2. On
    3. Use them both as in – when you get the tampons will you pick me up some soda pop?
    4. I try to avoid ending in a preposition, but sometimes my brain wants to take the easy way out.
    5. The last time I baked, it was with real vanilla.

  17. Jeff Says:

    1. Frosting
    2. By
    3. Soda, but I grew up on pop then had it ridiculed out of me in college.
    4. no
    5. It actually took me a few minutes to understand what you meant by vanilla. So no.

    What do I win?

  18. Andy in WV Says:

    1. Icing
    2. On
    3. Pop
    4. Don’t care
    5. Real

  19. Joel Says:

    1. Frosting, unless I am referring to someone “icing” the cake.
    2. On accident.
    3. Soda.
    4. Is it bad that I don’t really know what a preposition is? I am sure starting and ending my sentence with “is” is a problem as well.
    5. No opinion. The only Vanilla I am concerned about is Vanilla Ice.

  20. evilbanks Says:

    As for me, I’m a live in the moment kinda guy. I just do or say whatever feels right at the time, with no real set of rules. Mostly I say frosting but every now and then I get really edgy and say icing. I don’t even know what the hell a preposition is. Sometimes I drink soda, sometimes I drink pop; hell sometimes I drink soda pop. I’m crazy like that, that’s just how I roll.

  21. Aaron Says:

    1. Frosting
    2. By
    3. Soda Pop
    4. What is a preposition used for? If I go through great lengths to avoid ending in a preposition, it’s a habit that I’m not aware of. I guess it’s something I’ll have to live with.
    5. Pure Mexican vanilla

  22. Mike J Says:

    1. Frosting
    2. By
    3. Sodas because using the plural form of soda is fancier (picked it up in the South)
    4. If I could remember what a preposition was I could answer this question. N/A for me.
    5. Any vanilla works for me. Especially added to pancakes.

  23. Kris Says:

    1. Icing
    2. On
    3. Also in Texas, Cokes.
    4. Nope.
    5. No cookies to put vanilla in.

  24. VaLene Says:

    1. Frosting (unless it’s cinnamon rolls, then I’d say icing).
    2. On accident. I have no idea which one is correct.
    3. Soda.
    4. No. That was a very awkward sentence.
    5. 100% pure vanilla. Never imitation. I will buy the generic brand of 100% pure.

    • philip Says:

      I was gonna say that about the cinnamon rolls but didn’t think anyone else would ever change depending upon what it is on. Have any of you icing people ever put icing on a cupcake? Just sounds way wrong!

  25. Todd Dale Says:

    2. On accident
    3. Pop (I’m from Wisconsin, of course I say pop)
    4. No
    5. No

  26. KanyonKris Says:

    1. I say “that’s icing on the cake” and “let’s frost the cake”.

    2. I say On Accident more than By Accident.

    3. I’ve been saying soda most but still say pop sometimes.

    4. I have no problem ending with a preposition, many times it seems more natural.

    5. Fake vanilla is fine with me.

    Much to my shame and despite my efforts, looks like I’m still a Utah hick. Thanks, dug. You have a good weekend too.

  27. JAT in Seattle Says:

    1. Frosting (though icing on a donut)
    2. By accident
    3. Pop (13 yr old son rolls eyes in exasperation)
    4. Somewhat torturous lengths but less so than formerly
    5. Real vanilla, but on the cheaper end of the spectrum

  28. JAT in Seattle Says:

    And it’s Myers-Briggs [Type Indicator], surely!

  29. VA Biker Says:

    Late to the party, but what the heck…

    1. Icing, unless it’s some kind of hyper-thick creation, or I’ve seen the cross-section, then it’s frosting. Basically, it goes by the rule: thin = icing, thick = frosting.
    2. By accident.
    3. Soda, but used to say “soda pop”. Not sure where that came from.
    4. I won’t strain myself to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition in an informal, social setting. In business, I will work harder at it, though probably fail at times.
    5. Real vanilla, but Costco Kirkland brand is A-OK versus the finest Mexican variety you can find.

  30. Jen Says:

    1. Icing
    2. By accident
    3. Neither. It’s “mix” to me!
    4. Sometimes
    5. I’m with the vodka

  31. Rachel Says:

    I predicted about five comments in (to mark) that this might be an all-time high comment receiving post. Do you know what your high score is to date?

    • dug Says:

      new high score. i think the “do you unbutton or use the fly to pee” post was the previous winner.

      • Rachel Says:

        Well, see, this one worked a little better because you get the females commenting, too. I don’t think I commented on that post.

        Also, this was a big runner for high-score because everyone wants to be analyzed. But I think it turns out we learned more about you than us. Right?

  32. rabidrunner Says:

    Will you be posting your analysis? Or will our efforts be fer naught?

    1) Frosting
    2) By accident
    3) I don’t use Pop or Soda, I refer to the beverage by name, ie., Schwepps Ginger Ale or Diet Coke with Lime. Must be specific, or whoever you send for said beverage might return with that generic crap.
    4) I was whipped as a child for ending a sentence with a preposition–so that should answer that question.
    5) Grand Poombah vanilla or nil.

    p.s. Jason Huntington, remember him? Blasted me for saying “whether or not” instead of just “whether” because I was referring to something that was only affirmative or negative. Funny story:


    • dug Says:

      of course i remember jason. for such a free spirited, off the grid kind of guy, he was a language nazi.

      i mean that in the best possible way.

  33. Mateo Says:

    After you drink the Vodka, you really don’t care all that much if someone bakes cookies with generic vanilla and enjoys them with a carbonated beverage if that’s what they are in to. 😉

  34. eber Says:

    1) i don’t discriminate – i will eat copious amounts of BOTH frosting AND icing

    2) on accident

    3) i prefer to call it “the hard stuff”

    4) given my answer to #2 it is clear I have no idea how to use a preposition and I really have no idea wtf you are asking for here about

    5) i drink it all straight from the bottle. you take what you can get. i also go to great lengths to get the first hit from the whip cream can.

  35. Adventure Nell Says:

    1. Icing
    2. by accident
    3. pop
    4. don’t care
    5. Pure vanilla when I get it for free, fake-a-roo when I have to pay for it.

  36. Emily Says:

    1. Frosting

    2. On Accident

    3. Coke! (I’m from Georgia, Coke’s birthplace)

    4. Only have a problem with it when writing formal papers or things.

    5. Store brand vanilla extract, and lots of it. (I’m a college student; I do things cheep.)

  37. dug Says:

    okay, now there are 40 of you. well, that’s not true, some of you posted 2 (um, or three–thanks eliz) times.

    but there are 40 responses. this is the 41st. unless someone posts while i am typing this.

    anyway, now there are 40 of you, i will say that i will be discussing my answers and yours on monday.

    but i will say this–some of you i’m happy to know on the web, but i don’t want to hang out with you.

    and some of you, i would be glad to have over for a bbq.

  38. Bebe Says:

    1. Depends–icing and frosting are not the same thing. We use frosting on our cake unless it’s a Bundt cake–then it would be iced. Icing goes on glazed doughnuts.

    2. By Accident

    3. Coke (pop by default, soda by choice)

    4. No preposition at the end of a sentence…

    5. Mexican Vanilla–but not cheap Mexican Knock-off Vanilla. It has to be the real stuff!

  39. HeidiR Says:

    1. I say frosting, but don’t care what you call it as long as it’s on chocolate cake.

    2. By accident, I guess.

    3. Soda

    4. When I am writing I never end a sentence with a preposition, but when speaking I am more informal.

    5. REAL vanilla, double strength from Penzey’s. Awesome!

  40. mtb w Says:

    1. It depends. Frosting is for cupcakes, cakes. Icing/glaze is for donuts.
    2. “On”
    3. I grew up in the midwest and everyone says “pop” but since moving to Colorado, I’ve been slowly switching to “soda”.
    4. In writing, only if it’s work related and is sent out to third parties (not internal). Talking – no, never, but that’s the way I roll with things like this.
    5. Don’t care if its generic but prefer real vs. imitation. Generic vs. name brands – I go with the cheaper item (with a few exceptions, where certain brands do taste better than generics and are worth the extra $$).

  41. Kt Says:

    1- If it’s cake, it’s frosting. If it’s cinnamon rolls, it’s icing.

    2- By accident, I guess. Although, now that I think about, I guess I’d go either direction. I can’t remember how I’d naturally say it, because I haven’t run over someone’s foot by/on accident in a while.

    3- Soda.

    4- Probably not, just to annoy the sentence-freaks.

    5- I’d probably go for generic, something in the mid-range of prices so it’s not the ultra-cheap crap but not the super-expensive stuff.

  42. linfin Says:

    1. Icing
    2. By accident
    3. Coke! or soda since coke wasn’t a choice
    4. No
    5. generic is okay.

  43. Bethany Says:

    1.) I ice my cakes with frosting. Unless its a bundt cake, and then it is glazed.

    2.) On accident. Would you say by purpose? No? Why not? Because it sounds stupid, that’s why.

    3.) Sodapop

    4.) No one has made me diagram a sentence since the 7th grade to make me realize why this is wrong, so I’m going to go with a “yes”.

    5.) Mmmmm….cheap mexican vanilla.

  44. ShedBiker Says:

    1. icing
    2. by
    3. soda
    4. Never use a preposition to end a sentence with.
    5. Don’t really care. I’m a chocolate guy.

    Also, what about this: “The ball is underneath the car.” or “The ball is underneath OF the car.” The 2nd just sounds weird to me, but I’ve been hearing a lot of it lately. Maybe it’s toally like a mid-Atlantic thing?

    And I agree with leaving the “not” out of “whether or not.” Simply superfluous.

    And finally, should “anal-retentive” have a hyphen?

    Oh God – I can’t sleep!

    • rick Says:

      Neither. (That’s nEE-ther, not nI-ther) Simply, “The ball is UNDER the car.” Both of your choices sound weird to me.

    • dug Says:

      ” The 2nd just sounds weird to me, but I’ve been hearing a lot of it lately. Maybe it’s toally like a mid-Atlantic thing?”

      no, it’s a retarded thing. shun those people.

  45. stevenbpt Says:

    1. Icing, as in Mom’s fudge icing is )(&*(&^%%$%$%^ awesome.
    2. By accident I broke Maddie’s hip so now she is on crutches. Sorry Maddie!!
    3. Pop and Soda. Sorry, moved around too much. Started with Pop in Minnesota and learned of Soda in Missouri. Where Coke is also synonomous with Soda.
    4. Don’t care.
    5. Prefer the real stuff but will use the other if no one is going to mexico any time soon. I’m more of a cheap skate than a food snob.

  46. stevenbpt Says:

    this is just to get on the notification to my email automatic thingy.

  47. stevenbpt Says:

    Wow. Just started reading a few. This really brought the gals out!!

  48. Kendra Says:

    1. Frosting
    2. Neither, I say “It was an accident”
    3. Soda
    4. No
    5. No

  49. Justin Says:

    2.On accident
    4.Huh ???
    5.Mexican all the way

  50. Olivia Says:

    1. Frosting (Icing sounds like you are trying too hard.)
    2. On accident, although I might feel a little ashamed of this now.
    3. Pop (Okay, now I’m ashamed of two things. I wish I was cool enough to say soda.)
    4. Never ending a sentence with a preposition is a stupid, made-up, pretend rule. Seriously, if your friend sat on some gum, would you say, “On what did you sit?” People don’t talk like that, do they?
    5. I like the vanilla my friend brought me from Tahiti. Otherwise, I’ll just use whatever I have on hand. Hopefully it’s real.

    • dug Says:

      people do not talk like that. but they don’t talk like shakespeare either, and we still write and talk in un-rhymed iambic pentameter,right?

      wait, we don’t?


  51. Julianne Says:

    1. frosting
    2. On
    3. soda
    4. nope
    5. eh, whatever works.

  52. Kim Says:

    1. Cakes are iced and then frosted…see what culinary school did for me! I think other foods can go either way.
    2. By accident.
    3. Soda, thats the way it is in California.
    4. Yes, usually…unless I don’t.
    5. Real authentic vanilla only.

    Alo, it’s a Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, but I believe one of the original authors was Isabel Briggs Myers so it is probably appropriate to say it the way Dug did. (I couldn’t resist ending the sentence that way) You’re welcome Dug.

  53. Tim D Says:

    The view from the UK…

    1. Icing, frosting just sounds wrong
    2. By accident, no-one here says on accident
    3. Fizzy pop. Don’t know why though
    4. Who cares. Grammar rules are part of the class war, invented by the middle class to subjugate the working class
    5. surely vanilla is vanilla?

  54. tohellandback1st Says:

    1. frosting is fluffy. icing isn’t. Mom never made fudge frosting.
    2. by accident.
    3. soda although i think i used to say pop. former life.
    4. i agree with Olivia and Tim D.
    5. i don’t have an opinion on vanilla. does diet coke have real vanilla in it?

  55. Scott Says:

    1 – Frosting
    2 – On
    3 – Neither….it’s a beverage
    4 – I don’t care, but my wife likes to correct me if she hears it
    5 – Save that $$ for a good beverage

  56. bikemike Says:

    1. whatever is says on the can
    2. this is a trick preposition question
    3. sweet tea
    4. no but i sure make fun of people that do
    5. whatever it says on the nabisco bag

  57. Steve The BigRide Says:

    1)Depends on how cold it is outside
    2)Everything has a purpose
    3)Soda would be a dumb name to call my dad
    4)I disliked English enough to not know the difference.
    5)Vanilla extract is 35% alcohol. A lady in Florida was arrested for DUI because of it.

    • dug Says:

      what language do you prefer?

      • Steve The BigRide Says:

        I sat down with a 90 year old man who grew up in
        Cuba and we shared a beer. He worked in the Hershey
        plant there. He only knew Spanish and I only know
        English but we somehow made it work.
        I prefer English. I should have said I disliked my
        English teacher enough to not learn the difference.
        If she sat down, shared a beer and told me cool

        • dug Says:

          did you actually share a beer, or did each of you have your own?

          • Steve The BigRide Says:

            Actually shared a beer – I have 2 small
            Pilnser style glasses that belong to my
            grandparents. They would sit and share
            a beer every evening. My grandfather would
            then open another for himself. The old
            Cuban guy was 90 years old – I think his
            bladder could only hold a shared beer.

  58. 1972roses Says:

    1. Frosting unless it is a particularly fluid version then it is icing

    2. Depending upon the situation, I use both.

    3. Michiganders say Pop. (formerly a gander)

    4. I like the trampoline we are jumping on but I hate when people come with.

    5. I’m not worldly enough to have experienced the difference.


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