herding the cats

September 29, 2010

Every year or two Kim tries to round up the family in an informal setting for a Christmas card picture. We’re not going for “hang on the wall” pictures, just “hey, cute family” pictures.

The thing is, the picture captures about one second of reality. And by one second, what I mean is less than that. And by less than that, I mean waaaay less than that.

A couple years ago, Kim’s sister Rachelle came over to take our Christmas card picture. And she surreptitiously videoed us while we herded the cats. Thanks Shelle. Big shout out. Cast your bread upon the waters and all that.

I’m just glad we left the tasers in the house.


11 Responses to “herding the cats”

  1. bikemike Says:

    there would be no christmas if everyone knew the behind the scenes of christmas cards and decorating. oh, this card is so beautiful, your family is so beautiful, everyone just looks so happy and isn’t it all just so wonderful.

    getting me to do a family card is like filming a hellraiser movie or any dane cook hbo special, it’s going to be ugly.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    From The Simpsons to Norman Rockwell in 30 seconds. You guys are good!

  3. eber Says:

    wow. that was one of the truly great dr. jekyll/mr. hyde family moments in all of history. and the fade to smile was almost too perfect to be real. er wait…

  4. eber Says:

    ps – theWife will be much relieved to see that ours is not the only family with such challenges.

  5. Rick S. Says:

    “just do what she says….just do what she says”. Way to take control of the situation.

  6. mark Says:

    Shelle’s evil laugh at the end is the best part.

  7. VA Biker Says:

    That was a little bit of awesome. Order from chaos is a rare thing (at least in my world).

  8. Jenn Says:

    When you eat dinner, do you save some of your favorite thing on the plate for your last bite? Among the handful that I follow, I read your blog last. Today’s post? That’s why.

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