don’t eat that

October 1, 2010

I haven’t mentioned my dog for a while, and my blog cuteness rating has gone way down.

I don’t think this post is going to help with that though.

Nala has had some, how shall I put it, gastrointestinal issues the last week or so.

In short, diarrhea. I’ve been getting up with her a couple times a night to take her out. Which, since she had been sleeping soundly all night long, has been a pain in my ass.

And maybe hers too I guess. I hadn’t thought of that before. I should think about someone besides myself.

Okay, I’ll try to stay focused here.

Anyway. Kim took Nala to the vet yesterday. She described the problem, they talked about what was going on, discussed diet, all that. At one point, she mentioned that I had put some hamburger drippings on Nala’s food, to make it tastier for her.

And he said “I’ve never understood why people do that. Why would you give dogs all the fatty stuff? Dogs like food in the same way people like food. Don’t give her stuff you wouldn’t eat. Would you eat grease?”

So I’m thinking, you know . . . WHAT? Would I eat grease?! Really?

Well, no, now that you mention it, I wouldn’t eat grease.

But you know what else I wouldn’t eat?

My Own Butthole. Or Another Dog’s Butthole. Or My Own Feces.

Just for starters. There is probably a longer list of things my dog would put it in its mouth that I wouldn’t. Probably.

But I think that’s long enough.

Anybody know a good vet in the Draper area?

16 Responses to “don’t eat that”

  1. bikemike Says:

    Ooooh, so many ways to go with this. But, let me sum up. It’s not that we’d eat grease, it’s just that we’d eat things with grease (put) on them.

    My suggestion would be NOT to put grease on your butthole. Or another dog’s.

  2. stevebpt Says:

    And yet, despite all that grossness that is the dog hygiene and diet, their mouth is still quite a bit cleaner than the human mouth, especially yours!

    But I still won’t let a dog lick me on the face if I can help it.

  3. VaLene Says:

    Are you disgruntled because it looks like it’s your fault that the dog has diarrhea?

    I’ll add to your list:
    Dog food
    Dirty tennis balls
    The neighbor’s compost pile

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    A little flavorful fat in the dog food sounds good to me. Unless dogs have evolved over the years of domestication so fat is bad for them (doubt it). Yes, new vet.

    I can’t resist: dogs eat their own vomit (I think that’s worse than eating poo).

  5. Joel Says:

    Occasionally our dog throws-up her food and then eats it again. Its usually not really digested yet. Anyway, I have to give her credit for not wasting her expensive food. I would personally have to pass on the partially digested food no matter how expensive. I don’t think the “would you eat it?” test works too well.

    I’ll never understand the need for some people in the medical field to make you feel bad. Its like going to the dentist and getting lectured on not flossing or brushing your teeth properly. Its like I personally let them down. What do they care? if I flossed and brushed properly I probably wouldn’t need all those root canals.

  6. Six Says:

    The list is long and varied but who’s happiest, us or our dogs?
    Of course that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go around sniffing strangers butts and drinking out of toilets. Tends to be misconstrued.

  7. Jeff Says:

    I also wouldn’t eat dog food. Or even dog treats. Except one time. It smelled like bacon.

  8. Steve the BigRide Says:

    The best gravy is made from grease.
    List of non-edible food –
    asparagus – makes me gag
    liver – see asparagus

    Fav foods

    Palets are so weird.

  9. JB Says:

    Thanks for not showing a picture. After reading, “I don’t think this post is going to help with that though”, I thought it was coming.

  10. Flyin' Ute Says:


    You are making me laugh so hard. I love it.

  11. Jen Says:

    We just got a new Great Pyraneese puppy. Puppies often have diarrhea when they are getting used to their food. They do make a puppy safe dog gravy that you can put on her food if she’s not eating well. Puppies have little and very sensitive tummies. Are you feeding her a wet/dry combination? Is it a dog food suitable for her size (i.e. we have to feed Jodie a large breed puppy food so she gets enough nutrients to grow and be healthy)?

  12. linfin Says:

    I have been told not to give dogs anything that has onions. And no grapes, although I don’t really believe that one.

  13. Kt Says:

    You know what other dogs get runny stools? Dogs who just had knee surgery.

    And since I gotta schlep his rear end around… yeah. I won’t go into the details. The vet says it was the stress of going to the vet, plus anesthesia, plus morphine, plus more pain meds, plus not eating. Yay.

    It could be your dog is allergic to the wheat or corn in the food, that was my dog’s problem when he was younger. We switched him to a rice-based food and it’s been all good.

    Re: Grapes: there’s some chemical in grape seeds that’s toxic to dogs. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    You are so funny! I love your blog!

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