big booty at fall moab 2010

October 25, 2010

One of the things I love about Fall Moab is that it’s exactly like playing Big Booty with my family around a campfire.

You don’t know Big Booty? Where have you been? It’s all big booty these days.

Anyway. All you really need to know about this excellent analogy is that in Big Booty you sit in a circle, and you are numbered from Big Booty (essentially el jefe) on down. Ranked. Stack Ranked.

Or, plainer, Sorted.

But the stack is in constant flux. You mess up, you go to the back and eaaaarrrrrnnn the right to be Big Booty again.

How is Fall Moab like this? It’s not like this, it’s exactly like this. We sort on the ride, and then re-shuffle the order every few seconds. Miss a turn? Go to the back. Uphill endo on a big wall? Go to the back. Lose your nerve just before dropping a big stair step? Yup. Go to the back.

We flew in missing wingman formation this year. No Elden. No Brad. No Sunderlage.

But you know. Whatever. Fall Moab goes on.

I’m pretty sure all of us landed on our faces at least once. Most of us thought we had broken a bone or two. And a couple of guys died.

Okay, nobody died. But it wasn’t for lack of trying:

gold bar rim ledge

Kenny had a special friend come to take pictures for Saturday’s Gold Bar Rim ride, and I’ll simply refer to that Flickr page, because it’s full of good ones. Here are a couple favorites:

Ricky ledging (yes, that’s a verb):

ricky ledging

Aaron forging new ground on what will now be called “the singlespeed line” on the triple stair move on Gold Bar:

Kenny on the infamous (MORE than famous) triple stair move. And cleaning it for the first time on a hamstrung bike.

kenny on triple stair

It’s all about center of gravity:

it's all about center of gravity

The staging area for the triple stair move, our single favoritist spot on Gold Bar Rim:

triple stair staging area

Touching the void:

touching the void

Bob In the void:

bob touching the void

And,  my favorite photo sequence of the trip–

I think the line is over there:

i think the line is over there

How bout this line?:

mark starts down

And . . . scene:

mark whups

Here’s how we looked all day, shuffling and re-shuffling, sorting and re-sorting:


Mandatory group shot:

fall moab 2010 group shot

And optional spectacular view shot:

wet view

Good times. Good times.


5 Responses to “big booty at fall moab 2010”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Seems like there was one other guy who cleaned triple just before Kenny. Yup, still sorting. Good brats and good riding.

  2. Shelle Says:

    I’m happy for you (on the outside). I’m jealous of you (on the inside).

  3. mark Says:

    I have to admit, that is a good sequence.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Good pics. Wish I could have made the trip

  5. tohellandback1st Says:

    what a let down. more big booty shots please…

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