game on

October 27, 2010

(When I say “Game On” I don’t mean it in some sort of stupid Survivor way, like “oh, i hate him, now it’s GAME ON,” but rather in a “Wayne’s World” way. Just so we’re clear.)

At 6:07 am this morning I got this text from my 15 year old son, Ian:

“I just pushed Spencer’s car up our hill. There is nine million feet of snow. I hate you.”

Which, on the surface seems a little harsh, doesn’t it?

I texted back “Don’t be a hater.”

And he said “yah, so when are you taking me up, yo?” (Seriously, he said “yo.”)

Me: “Soon. Next storm.”

Ian: “Mmph. Enjoy yourself.”

But I guess I can understand. Instead of coming with me this morning for what we thought would be some October novelty snow, but turned out to be face shots, he had to go to “attendance school,” which is what you have to do when you miss too many classes.

Really, I totally expected this to be a “yeah, I skied in October” kind of morning. But it was slightly better than that. Sorry son. Next time.

We started from the top of the Little Cottonwood road, went up Albion, crossed the stream (ha!), climbed up to the ridge, and made our way over near Gunsight Pass.

alta oct 2010 mark looking down

Are there rocks ahead?

alta oct 2010 jon ripping

Um. No. No rocks. Who knew?

This one isn’t as good as the one of Jon, but I wanted to appear somewhere in this post.

alta oct 2010 dug skiiing

The exit was a little rough. But it was a small price to pay.

alta oct 2010 rick bushwhack

alta oct 2010 mark stream

alta oct 2010 bushwhack

And the stream crossing left our skins and skis a bit on the heavy side.

alta oct 2010 cleaning

Ben frames the route:

alta oct 2010 ben bottom
And, game on.

18 Responses to “game on”

  1. Jonnie J Says:

    Still smiling.

  2. Kikkert Says:

    Not to rain on the parade, not really all that pissed about this, but you guys need to be a little more judicious in your travel habits. You don’t ski directly onto people uptracking below you. Granted today there wasn’t an issue avalanche wise, but you still just don’t do it. It is a very bad habit…it literally would have taken you 1 minute to let us get out of the way.

    Glad you all had a good morning.

    • dug Says:

      oh, hi dave, nice to hear from you again.

      you are right, bad habit. although, i do take issue with your use of the phrase “directly onto.”

      hope you had a good morning too, apart from us raining on it.

      • Kikkert Says:

        Seriously, not that mad about it, it was a nice morning and you didn’t ruin our day. Your right, directly is misleading, but had it been a day with higher avalanche danger, it would have put us in danger. But of course it wasn’t, so ok, just a heads up for some other day (by the way…I have never commented on your blog before).

  3. Mike J Says:

    Dug, I keep waiting for the annual Bad Boo blog post. Where is it? I need my bad boo post!!!!

  4. mateo Says:

    much like Ian, I hate you. skiing in October? did you have to crap on the day for the rest of us? really? sunny and 74 in california, I may go tan at lunch…

  5. Steve The BigRide Says:

    Epic day – Son’s new girlfriend is real treat – makes him want to go to school. Test run the boat in the middle of the week and of course have to drag a lure. Dining on fresh dolphin is awesome. The look on my sons face was even better. My response – “When you dumping this chick?”

  6. mark Says:

    I’m going back tomorrow for seconds. Who’s with me?

  7. andy Says:

    Uh, maybe someone shouldn’t complain about people skiing above them when they didn’t put in the skin track. I’m just saying.

  8. Jenn Says:

    Way to go, Dug. You crossed streams AND upskiied into a judge’s piss (or some such)? You’re just LOOKING for trouble.

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