thanksgiving weekend roundup

November 29, 2010

And . . . we’re back. For you international readers, it’s been Thanksgiving.

Okay, we’ve got a lot to cover today. First, yes, glad you asked, the skiing has been off the hook, best early season I’ve ever seen. And last week I even got out with Kim, which is on my list of favorite things. Yup, just like Oprah, I have a list.

Anyway, Kim, me, her sisters (Jay and Shelle ), and her dad got out for some nice touring up Days Fork. Shelle carried the camera, so I’ll send you over there for pics. Here’s one I stole:

pic family ski day

Ahhhh, multiple skiers on a backcountry slope, ahhhhh. That’s right Ice . . . I AM dangerous.

Of course, we ate lunch at the Porcupine after. I’m not normally shy and don’t generally have trouble getting a word in. During this lunch, however, at one point Senior said “I think dug’s been trying to say something for five minutes.”

Yes, as is my wont, I had a very funny story to tell. I never got it out.

We worked with Paul the waiter for a while trying to explain how to chop up the receipt (Kim and I were taking Holden wings, Shelle was taking her whole family soup, Jay didn’t actually order anything). And finally, after Paul left to go do the math, Shelle got inspired, waved him back to the table, and handed him Senior’s credit card. Like Mark Knopfler said, “That’s the way you do it.”

And finally, for you people who don’t live on the mountain with me, here’s a news flash—it snows and blows where I live. Saturday night, no drifting on my street. At 6am this morning, here’s how it looked:

pic snowdrift one

That drift is ten feet high, and goes halfway across the road. The headlight is my neighbor with his $2,000 snowblower trying to clear the road enough so he could drive his kids to the bus stop. You know, since the plow hadn’t come yet.

Nala likes to romp in the snow, but it was too much even for her. Here’s her new favorite spot:

pic nala pining

6 Responses to “thanksgiving weekend roundup”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Yeah, yeah, all you people doing your whatever, the meat of this post is Nala freed from the cone of shame.

    BTW, you need to work on your smolder.

  2. JAT in Seattle Says:

    Good grief, how far away is the bus stop? In my day…

  3. Eric Says:

    Thanks for the Monday post

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