startin’ ‘em young

December 6, 2010

While I want my progeny to be independent thinkers, to have strong opinions, to make their own way in the world, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t care if they hated what I love or loved what I hated.

I care.

For example, it pains me that none of my kids loves Radiohead. And I am gratified way out of proportion that, when Kim and I took Holden for a mountain bike ride a few months ago in Corner Canyon, Holden delayed us a few minutes because he was searching his room for just the right pair of plaid shorts.

(Note that the shorts do not appear in this picture, but trust me, he’s wearing them.)

holden kim biking

So. So how happy does it make me that Holden, who is 12, has been pestering me non-stop to take him backcountry skiing for about 2 years?

Very happy, that’s how happy.

Saturday, the avy conditions were about as safe as they can get, and while there wasn’t any super fluffy pow pow to shred on a raging dawn patrol, there was plenty of soft creamy snow on sheltered north facing stuff.

So out we went.

Yes, we were beeping.

holden hiking are you beeping

It was warm. And we didn’t bring water. As Holden has reminded me of once or twice:

holden hiking almost to top

He found a granola bar in the back he borrowed from Kim. “Thanks Mom!”

holden hiking transition

Evidence that I was there:

holden hiking transition us

And, skiing:

holden hiking skiing nice

He killed it, especially considering that he was using old skis that were about 35 cm longer than his usual skis, and the snow was a bit on the manky side.

He even worked it in the trees on the exits:

holden hiking skiing

He liked it.

holden hiking end

Next up—musical indoctrination. I’ll start by loading his ipod myself for the next BC outing.

14 Responses to “startin’ ‘em young”

  1. stevebpt Says:

    way to go holden!!!! Dug, if you jwould pass along my hearty well wishes since he doesn’t seem to follow his dad’s blog yet I would appreciate it.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    It’s the good kind of pride. Very cool.

    Remember your “Brave New World” indoctrination method? Time to revisit it.

  3. Rick S. Says:

    I saw Holden the day after. I was so glad to hear him say his quads were sore. Even the young guns get sore.

    Good one Holden.

  4. mark Says:

    So the longer skis worked OK? Glad to hear it.

    Nice work, Holden.

  5. I love Radiohead, riding, and backcountry skiing. I guess I may just be your perfect child. Oh and you used Dawn patrol. Thought you were not going to use that anymore.

  6. Jenn Says:

    That photo of the two of you together is a keeper…just beautiful (in a very manly, back-country skiing kind of way, of course).

  7. Steve the BigRide Says:

    My kids dislike yardwork, taking scrap pieces of wood and making something beautiful, and most of all they dislike fishing. (sigh). They do however like fresh fish tacos so I teach them to cook. Grilling out is the common ground we found.

  8. BurkeInTheOzarks Says:

    I’ve been pushing Radiohead on my kids since they were in the womb. Nine years later and no takers yet…

  9. kim Says:

    Three comments
    1) You took my son in the back country without water!!!
    2) You said “pow pow” which is far more ridiculous than dawn patrol.
    3) No to more musical indoctrination. We have all tried to like Radiohead.

    • dug Says:

      1. the backcountry is full of water. it’s very moist back there.
      2. i did. but. in fact, i said “there wasn’t any super fluffy pow pow to shred on a raging dawn patrol”.
      3. i’m like the optimistic kid in the pile-of-manure story. i’ll keep diggin, cuz there’s a pony under there somewhere.

  10. stevebpt Says:

    Dug, you are in a losing battle brother. Maybe you can find Radiohead at the bottom of that manure pile.

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