i used to flush

December 8, 2010

As is my wont, I used the bathroom today. You know. Like everyday.

Found this waiting for me:

please flush

I guess I didn’t realize this was a problem. I mean, come to think of it, maybe that’s why someone invented auto-flush toilets, to solve this problem.

And I guess that germaphobes don’t flush mainly because they don’t want to touch that handle. Although, germaphobes, if you’re reading (and I know you are), consider this—NOT flushing kind of means you better not come back this afternoon, right? Cuz, ick.

My very scientific research conducted this morning indicates that this sign has been ineffective at best, and downright counterproductive at worst. The law of unintended consequences I guess.

Because, for those of us with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (you can look it up), this sign might not be the best way to reach us.

And I say that as someone who USED to flush.


14 Responses to “i used to flush”

  1. BM Says:

    You misunderstand. The sign was intended for people who would otherwise flush mid-stream.

  2. Jeff Says:

    We have those. We also have very detailed instructions on how to wash your hands over the sink and my personal favorite, a sign that says, “Dribbling is okay for the basketball court, not here…” in the stall.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Will the urinal go the way of the old fridge?

    The sign-writer did say please – not enough to overcome your ODD?

    I did look up ODD. The Mayo Clinic = FAIL, they talked about ODD without ever defining it. Wikipedia came through.

  4. Blackdog Says:

    Worst one ever is the new flushless urinal. They have them in the Creekside lodge at Snowbird. On a good day they smell like a dead wino.

    • Jeff Says:

      They have them at the rest stops on The Pennsylvania Turnpike. I have concerns that the smell may confuse police dogs looking for hitchhiker’s bodies.

      • Kramer Says:

        They actually work well IF they cleaned correctly. The IF is huge and rarely done. In the end the maintenance costs for cartridge replacements, etc are much higher. The new new “green” way of thinking is to use 0.5 gallon per flush or 1 pint per flush urinals vs. the standard 1 gallon per flush.

        Yup, I know way too much about Urinals and could trade stories with Dug for days….

  5. Jenn Says:

    Have you been to Europe, Dug? You could tour this continent for years and not run out of bathroom material. Um. Poor choice of words. You know what I meant. I may have to start taking pics on your behalf.

  6. bikemike Says:

    Do you know how much water is saved if you pee while standing in the shower? They should put a shower in there. I’m sure it would save time and water. I’m sure of it.

  7. anon Says:

    Of course you didn’t flush. You aren’t finished. You’ll be back again later.

  8. Jenn Says:

    Dug – I’m not exactly what one would call ‘tech-savvy,’ so can’t think of another way to share this pic with you, but I definitely think it’s worth sharing. Hope you can access it (my FB is set to DIA privacy level, but I think (?) I made this visible). http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=23019&id=1163930438&l=c2c54420f0

  9. Jenn Says:

    Um. Yeah. How’s that ‘privacy’ thing workin’ out for ya, Jenn? Good Lord, I’m retarded. THIS is the pic you’re meant to see: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=1737627718203&set=a.1148481189908.23019.1163930438
    If that doesn’t work, or takes you to my Glamour Shots page, well then…just forget it.

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