just like old times

December 27, 2010

I know, it’s fashionable, or at least expected, that famous writers like myself do some sort of year in review.

Yada yada yada. And yes, I think you can yada yada yada a year in review.

In fact, Kim and I have been talking about doing a Christmas letter for weeks. But here we are, December 27th, and no Christmas letter.

But tonight, with the kids off doing whatever kids do these days, we took a trip down memory lane by revisiting the Christmas scrapbooks and reading old Christmas letters. And you know what? What I wrote about the kids 7 years ago still applies pretty much exactly today.

Here, I’ll give you an excerpt:

Here’s what I said about Maddy 7 years ago:

“Been a big year for Maddy. She turned 16 in September, and got her license, and went on her first 8 dates. What? Oh right, it only seems like she’s 16. Maddy turned 10 in September.”

Substitute “Maddy turned 25, visited us twice, and moved to Europe” and that’s the same letter. No, I’m not saying she did that, I’m saying it SEEMS like she did that. Ya follow?

This was Ian 7 years ago:

“First and foremost, Ian wanted me to make sure to mention that he’s interested in the Dark Side of everything. He is, in his estimation, Hazardous . . . But even more than fantastical dark things, Ian is obsessed with disasters.”

Um. Yup. Substitute “Unsolved murder mysteries, weird emergency room visits, and haunting Dubstep techno music” for disasters, and that’s our Ian. Yay.

I said that Holden was “re-enacting the tale of Dr. Jeckyl and Mister Hyde. Most days he is a tender, light-hearted, and care-free little 5 year old. Other days he is Damien, and must be destroyed.”

Creepy, isn’t it?

And I said that Kim was teaching Humanities at BYU, and was “the glue that holds us all together. I think she’s stronger, faster, and better than when we first got married. 6 million dollars well spent.”

I never said truer words. All of them.

Oh, and I said that I “spent my time backcountry skiing, which is the perfect complement to mountain biking. I think I may have given up ball and stick sports for good.”

It’s like we have a flux capacitor.

Here’s what we looked like then:


Here’s what we look like now:


There ya go. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Back then we were all worried about losing our freedoms to the Patriot Act, and now we’re worried about losing our freedoms to CREEPING SOCIALISM!

See? Just like old times.


3 Responses to “just like old times”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Indeed you are the Suncrest Nostradamus.

    Radio Head didn’t stick, but at least Holden has your beenie fetish.

    And I see the plastic action figure was upgraded to a flesh-and-blood hyper-action figure.

  2. VaLene Says:

    Now you have a dog. That’s a change.

  3. Senior Says:

    Dug, you cannot stop writing! Life will present you with all the material you can handle, just keep living it like you and all of your family are! Muffintop, Smuffintop! BTW, the first dinner with the other 7 guys (high priests) went pretty well. Listened to a great story about a high councilman who is gay but who has a temple recommend talk in sacrament meeting about how he disagreed with everything President Packer said in his conference talk. Really interesting to hear the insiders discuss that kind of stuff….Is this inappropriate to put on your blog?

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