that would be awkward

January 7, 2011

I think I’ve revealed already how I steal stuff from Holden, right?

Let me go check.

Okay, yes, yes I did. It’s here.

Well, here’s the thing. Sometimes Holden forgets he has stuff. Like, for example, sometimes he gets a Panda Express gift card for Christmas. Because he likes the orange chicken at Panda Express more than pretty much anything in the world.

Except chocolate cinnamon bears and chocolate oranges. But apart from them, he likes Panda Express Orange Chicken the most.

But c’mon. A gift card to a fast food restaurant for a 12 year old is kind of weird. It’s not like he can just run down there. Really, it’s more of a reminder to him of how much we love him because we know what kind of food he loves. It’s like a great Christmas card.

He doesn’t carry the card around. It just sits on his counter, in its holder.

And when you think about it, the holder itself is just as good a reminder of how much we love him as the card. Right?

On a completely different note, I spent some time on Google today looking for a Panda Express near my office.

You know how the the huge middle portions of oceans are largely devoid of life? Or how oceans have humongous dead zones?

Turns out, my office lies smack in the middle of a Panda Express desert. Nuthin around for miles. I’ve got my pick of authentic Vietnamese and Mexican food in walking distance. But fast food Chinese? Nope.

I need it to be near here. It’s not like I can pick up Panda on the way home. That would be awkward.

6 Responses to “that would be awkward”

  1. mark Says:

    My three-year-old was at my office for lunch on Wednesday while Rachel was having a much nicer lunch with a friend. She wanted to go to Panda Express. Turns out my office is also in the midst of that vast desert.

    The real question, though, is how would Holden know you used the gift card, and if you brought some home for him, would it matter?

  2. Grizzly Adam Says:

    I think, since the gift card, and all of Holden’s subsequent Panda meals (at least for the next 6 years or so) all come from the same source, you are probably perfectly justified in using it. When he protests, simply say… “I tell ya what, I’ll buy your next meal at Panda. Deal? Deal.”

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Continuing Grizzly’s line, how about offering to do Holden a favor by taking his card and bringing home orange chicken tomorrow?

  4. Cor Says:

    Dare I ask what a Panda Express is?

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