even sloppy seconds is okay some days

January 8, 2011

We haven’t seen new snow here in the Wasatch for like a week and a half, so if you want to ski the soft stuff you have to go where people don’t generally go.

I mean, I’m not necessarily hoping for totally untracked, giant open bowls. Soft settled powder in the trees will do fine.

I’ll even take sloppy seconds to Ben and crew when he gets  up for a true DAWN PATROL (WOLVERINES!) on a day I can’t get to the trailhead before 7:30.

There’s room for everybody.

Anyway, me, Mark, and Adam had plenty to be happy about.

And, without further ado, my first Contour HD helmet cam production. Kim gets producer credit because she gave me the Contour for Christmas. Ian gets executive producer credit because he turned me on to Dubstep.

[Yes, I know, it says 2010. I’m sorry. It just happened a week ago, I haven’t updated my mind yet.]

12 Responses to “even sloppy seconds is okay some days”

  1. brkeyes7 Says:

    I really haven’t missed Utah until seeing this. As much as I suck at the BC stuff I’d give my left nut to do a couple laps with you.

  2. Grizzly Adam Says:

    I crash a lot. Especially when your camera is rolling.

  3. […] Pine—are no exception. In fact, they offer some of the most breathtaking views of the horn. As Dug and Mark and I trudged our way up the well worn skin track on Pink Pine, in search of recycled […]

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    It gets a little steep?!

    Good video, more good skiing and I liked the dubstep.

  5. mark Says:

    Does my ass make that video look fat?

  6. evilbanks Says:

    Holy steepness……….cool vid.

  7. JB Says:

    When you shout WOLVERINES! Do you envision yourself as C.Thomas Howell??

  8. skippy Says:

    g’day, came out of Fatty ‘s link, great photos from ski touring. If you saw my 2nd comment of today you will know that i miss Powder.
    Jan1993 i arrived on bus at Provo and seeing the depth of snow took off to Alta, Snowbird & Solitude for alpine skiing. Using 5m ribbons i did not lose the skis in chest high champagne powder.
    Skied all over europe and those days were still the best Alpine experiences. Raced 24hr events and the adrenaline level is still short of that mark.
    Use Garmont boots(twin rachet buckles) on Black Diamond Telemark skis.
    Moment i am looking for a replacement lower buckle, any ideas welcome.
    Added your blog to my blogroll, skiing season looks like it is over this year, not bought a season ticket for 4 years now

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