watch out for what?

January 13, 2011

For the last five and a half years I’ve had the weirdest feeling that, whenever I’m at home, someone is watching me. Kind of a Mount Rushmore sort of watching too, not like a gremlin-in-my-closet kind of watching. More of a Bette Midler, God Is Watching Us kind of a feeling.


Well, today, I figured it out. I woke up, opened the curtains, and boom (or doink, or you’re a John Madden fan):

timp face orig

I guess that’s the sleeping maiden. Thought she’d be prettier.

What, you don’t see her? She’s not just watching me, she’s screaming at me.

timp face mod

Really, I guess the question is, watch out for what?


14 Responses to “watch out for what?”

  1. Steve Says:

    uh huh. Some paranoia’s are like that, could be anything. I just didn’t think it was nice of you to make it look like she was talking out of her ear. She might get even more angry. or angrier.

  2. bikemike Says:

    apparitions are (almost) always vague, so to speak.

  3. Grizzly Adam Says:

    Damn you. Now I’m singing “From a Distance”. DAMN YOU!

    • dug Says:

      well, since i wrote this, i’ve been humming “some say love . . . it is a river. i say love, it is a roooooossssse.”

      so, you know, don’t come crying to me.

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    Perhaps the maiden is mad at you for skiing on her. Did you pee on her?

  5. skippy Says:

    Better outlook than i have in the zillertal, marvellous to wake up to sun, you take it for granted until today and it is cloud and rain !
    Too warm to skin up the piste and the manmade stuff is bulletproof.

  6. Nate Kingdon Says:

    You have taken this blog to a whole new level of randomness. Well done!

  7. randomhigh Says:

    or perhaps that feeling is your guilty conscience… you know, from sneaking in at night and “liberating” candy from your kid…

  8. Mr French Says:

    Dug- I am an avid follower of your blog, and a fellow skier/29er obsessed public restroom-aphobe. Keep up the good work.

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