February 9, 2011

Remember that great scene in Wayne’s World when the guys are in the AMC Pacer (not a Pinto) rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody?

So last night I took a dozen teenagers to the local indoor climbing gym. I had half that dozen in my car.

On the way home, the boys totally and unwittingly re-enacted that scene.

Except. Not to Queen. And not to Nirvana. Or The Who. Not even to Neal Diamond.

No. They shouted every word to Selena Gomez, Naturally.

It’s not quite the same as screaming “I Am Iron Man” like I did as a kid.

I recognize that teenagers are blessed with at least a rudimentary sense of irony. But just knowing the words well enough to sing the whole song? Demerit.

I nearly crashed the car trying to figure out how to film/record them on my Android phone.

Too  many screens, I couldn’t do it. You’ll have to just use your imagination.


21 Responses to “naturally”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    No video is a good thing. Sure it may have been funny, but I just sampled a Selena Gomez music video and my ears started to bleed. Bubblegum tween pop, is my categorization correct?

  2. Jeff Says:

    At the risk of sounding like my parents, who’s (or what’s a) Selena Gomez?

    • dug Says:

      jeff, see the link, watch the video.

      or, if you have kids that watch disney, watch about five minutes of the wizards of waverly place.

      and then, for the love of mike, after five minutes, please stop watching.

      • Jeff Says:

        To quote Frank Barone, Holy Crap.

        My daughter’s still in the Wiggles phase, so I just get “Big Red Car.” Which I prefer over what I just heard.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Wait, so re-enacting the Wayne’s World scene while singing Neil Diamond is okay? Just making sure.

  4. Gary Says:

    Was it a Pinto or a AMC Pacer (the Mirthmobile)?

  5. bikemike Says:

    what’s a bieber?

  6. Tanner Cottle Says:

    I don’t know what my parents did right but I am still a teenager and not much older than your kids and I like good music and forgo the Disney generic pop

    • dug Says:

      tanner, that’s what i mean by a rudimentary sense of irony. i think they are screaming selena gomez with at least a nod and a wink.

      i guess i understand. i knew all the words to “babe” by styx as a kid.

  7. VA Biker Says:

    Okay, I now have a permanent case of tinnitus. 20 seconds was 15 seconds too long. I get the generational differences thing, but the thing is goin’ on 85 million views. How can that be?

  8. Jim Says:

    hey Dug

    Couldn’t help but think maybe the kids are enjoying the idea that you think the song is innocent bubblegum?
    Look at this ad, then listen to Selena again.

    Her song’s still awful, and at my age unlawful.


  9. Jim Says:

    PS Sorry about the crass ad… I didn’t realise it would post ASAP.


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