what’s a boy supposed to do?

March 7, 2011

A couple Saturdays ago Holden and I went to Snowbird to take advantage of the second 4 foot storm in a week.

Unfortunately, Holden got off the first lift, dropped into the trees, made a turn, and lost a ski. We never found it.

A couple of good samaritans came by and helped us look for a while, then the guy said “I guess you have to call the ski patrol. It’s too far down to hike, and they’ll bring you a ski you can use to get down.”

Holden and I looked at each other and smirked. “I’m not gonna let a lost ski cost me a run. Thanks. Bye.”

Untitled from Doug Anderson on Vimeo.

I got Holden out on his Mom’s skis this morning. We do like skiing a foot of fresh. I think deep powder days outnumber regular old days like ten to one this year.


12 Responses to “what’s a boy supposed to do?”

  1. mark Says:

    “I think deep powder days outnumber regular old days like ten to one this year.”

    So I keep track. At least of my days. Which will not surprise you.


  2. Bethany Says:

    Wow. My left leg is getting sore just watching that.

  3. Daren Says:

    Think his ski will somehow feel a connection to my lonely ski across the street on Little Superior?

  4. steve Says:

    I am very impressed. I figured he would have switched legs somewhere. WOW!

  5. Jason Says:

    Those boys of yours are the real deal…

  6. Mary from NC Says:

    perfect song

  7. KanyonKris Says:

    I used to be a little boy. Yes, excellent song selection, makes it all melancholy. Holden, what a trooper.

  8. bikemike Says:

    wow, the same thing happened to me on the bike last week. i was just riding along (JRA) and one of my pedals fell off into the “fire swamp” and i had to ride back home with just one foot pedaling. true “story” bro.

  9. Jonnie J Says:

    I want my $2 Dollars.

  10. Michele Says:

    This ALMOST makes me wish I still actually skied. Almost.

  11. evilbanks Says:

    Damn man, he’s good. Nice work Holden, most impressive.

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