March 9, 2011

Alert reader Wendy alerted me to a bit of a situation in the women’s restroom today.

So I, your intrepid reporter, investigated.

women's bathroom cheese wheel rol in toilet

This is just weird. I mean, there’s the plate on the floor. The air freshener can on the tank. The functional and intact giant cheese wheel roll of industrial strength toilet paper on the wall (with dangling evidence of its tensile strength and the force needed to tear off a usable piece).

Oh, right, and there’s the super giant brand new cheese wheel roll of toilet paper IN the bowl.

In case you missed it.


Apparently someone missed this sign on the stall:

women's bathroom sign

I don’t think you need a sign now. The giant cheese wheel roll in the bowl says it all.



15 Responses to “occupied”

  1. rick Says:

    It looks like the giant roll sucked the bowl dry.

    But what is the structure on the floor, under the partition wall? I can make a guess, but I am afraid that I might be correct.

  2. bikemike Says:

    “occupied”. i do not think that word means what you think that word means.

  3. Steve Says:

    Maybe the toilet was clogged and someone was trying to get all the excess water and “stuff” dried up for further inspection and/or deep cleaning.

  4. JB Says:

    Keep an eye on that giant roll. “Facilities” might just let it air dry and then reuse it in the men’s bathroom to save a buck or two.

  5. linfin Says:

    What a waste of perfectly good sandpaper.

  6. KanyonKris Says:

    This is disturbing. I know guys are slobs, but I took solace that at least the women have nice facilities. Evidently there is no sanctuary.

  7. anon Says:

    How can we know that alert reader Wendy didn’t stage this scene?

    • Wendy Says:

      I wish I was that clever.

      I walked in the stall, saw the cheese roll and grabbed dug before disturbing the scene. I know how much he loves an odd bathroom incident.

      He did look at me oddly however because the last time he got beckoned into the bathroom at work…it wasn’t a good experience.

  8. BM Says:

    I assume the plate is for the cats food.

  9. Nate Says:

    that air freshener spray looks like a can of bug spray. Do you have a bug problem there along with all these bathroom problems? Who fished the cheese wheel out?

  10. JB Says:

    Two out of your last three posts are bathroom related dug, you are on a roll……

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