superior superior

March 17, 2011

Ben took me n Rick up to ski the south face of Mount Superior about 5 years ago, on a day that was snowy, even blustery. I thought I was going to die.

But the skiing was so good I’ve wanted to go back ever since. I’ve since gone back. Except I skied the north side. And I don’t stare at the north side from my car (well, I guess I do from the Big Cottonwood Canyon road sometimes), I stare at the SOUTH side. It’s big. I did do the Suicide Chute last year, which is on the left shoulder of Superior.

Superior is cool. And it’s big:

superior superior

North side to the right, gigantic south face to the left. Access up that itty bitty narrow ridge in the middle.

Steve does not like the look of that itty bitty ridge.

superior steve looking mad peak in background

He likes it less now:

superior steve navigating narrows

Close to the top:

superior dug booting almost there

Steve at the top, with the knife edgey south ridge behind his giant head:

superior south ridge with giant steve

The top with Monte Cristo in the background, a major destination in its own right:

superior at top monte cristo behind

For the likes of us, about 2 hours to the top. It’s a good hurt.

I have no pictures of the actual skiing. But that’s okay, right?

Because I have the magical Contour HD goggle cam! (That sentence so that I could use an exclamation point—one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to use more exclamation points!)

Without further ado, my magical superior tour video (no pun intended, because it’s not really very superior):

Untitled from Doug Anderson on Vimeo.


13 Responses to “superior superior”

  1. kelly Says:

    Sheesh. That climb.

  2. Squirrelhead Says:

    I love the posts about the skiing you guys get to do out there. I noticed that everyone seems to use skis instead of snowboards. Do you not like snowboarding or is there something about back country skiing that makes it impractical?

    • dug Says:

      well, truth is, i don’t like snowboarding or snowboarders.

      however, actually, we do have snowboarders come along now and again. aaron and brandon both board. they use splitboards.

      but while a fit talented guy can get a splitboard up the hill, it’s inherently harder, and they aren’t much good for short uphills or long traverses.

      but as for me and my house? skis. as god intended.

  3. Nate Kingdon Says:

    Very nice! Someday, thats on my list of somedays.

    Well put, “but as for me and my house? skis. as god intended.” God is proud, Jesus Skis.

  4. bikemike Says:

    wow! that! was! cool!

    i like slashies//////

  5. JAT in Seattle Says:

    I’ve always had the nagging thought that snowboarders push the snow off the hill – though I’ve never had as concrete and cool example as the one you cite in your cross-post (to self) – thanks for articulating that for me.

    Also (since you appear to read your comments) I just finished a book that made me (at least in parts) think of you “The Big Necessity – the unmentionable world of human waste and why it matters” by Rose George – humerous discussion of behavio(u)r in public and workplace restrooms (as well as some really non humorous discussion of some other issues) and I wanted to mention it to you before I take it back to the library and completely forget its specifics.

    for what it’s worth.

    the other thing – I know it’s partly the wide angle lese effect, but when you’re looking back up the hill and Steve skis down and passes you it reminds me of some shots from the opening title of Star Trek when you know the Enterprise is going to fly by in a flash but you’re not quite sure where on the screen it’s coming from. I loved that.

    • dug Says:

      jat, that’s a great book. i first heard about it on nrp, and posted about it, then aler (and generous) reader, kanyonkris, left it on my doorstep as a christmas gift.

      the camera did create a cool effect. some of it might be due to me reducing the video quality in order to increase battery life. unfortunately it also reduces the video quality. wait, did i already say that?

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