rainbow peak with holden

March 20, 2011

Holden and I went to bed Friday night thinking if the wind died down we might go hike Rainbow Peak in the morning. Holden had been up Pink Pine before, but never done the booter to Rainbow Peak, and the chute off the Peak is a great line.

The wind did not, in fact, die down, and our alarm failed to awaken us in the pre-dawn hours we had expected. But Holden would not be denied. So like Mustafa [it’s possible I mean Mufasa], I was dragged by Simba out of the cave and into our kingdom.

(I ripped this picture off SummitPost, thanks SummitPost.)

rainbow peak

I made a little video of our adventure, but it’s heavily edited on account of the booter being a bit steeper than Holden expected, and also on account of the top of the chute being much steeper than he expected, and so about ten minutes of the raw video footage contained material not suitable for general audiences.

But through the magic of Windows Live Movie Maker, I can show you , as William Goldman liked to call it, the good parts version.

Also, Holden picked the music. Just throwing that out there.

me n holden do rainbow peak from Doug Anderson on Vimeo.


4 Responses to “rainbow peak with holden”

  1. Nate Kingdon Says:

    Techno, sounds like it was off a video game. Don’t try to put that on Holden. Good job Holden! Pink Pine is a good spot.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    Good video. I liked the soundtrack, pop dubstep? Nice skiing there boys.

  3. Rachel W Says:

    you must mean Mufasa, king of the jungle.

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