a life without purpose

March 23, 2011

I’m hanging in Orlando this week because flying with connections to the happiest city on the planet and then hanging in a convention center from 9am to 10pm for a few days is AWESOME (I’m also trying to use more capital letters).

Alert traveling companion Cory alerted me to the loneliest job in Orlando, land of sunshine. The coat check guy.

coat check in orlando

It’s like in the Emperor’s New Groove—Why do they even have that lever?!

It’s especially nice to be sitting in a convention center in Orlando when the Utah Avalanche Forecasters say stuff like this from this morning’s report:

Cold and clear. Temps are in the single digits up high, the low teens down low. Winds seem to be taking the day off. They’re westerly and less than 15mph. Snowfall continued throughout the day, with the Cottonwoods picking up another 4-8”, the Park City, Provo, and Ogden mountains another 3-5. This pushes storm totals since Saturday night to

· Cottonwoods 25-30”

· Ogden 15-20”

· Park City 12-15”

· Provo 14-18”

Riding conditions will be 5 star. Go ahead and sluff work – we won’t tell.

Yay me.


10 Responses to “a life without purpose”

  1. VA Biker Says:

    Are you sure that’s not a rejected Disney animatronic figure, circa 1964? I mean, the (his) eyes!

  2. Sara-no-h Says:

    Huh. I had to make the picture bigger to notice the eyes, but they are really creepy. Those animatronic figures always creeped me out. And lifelike dolls. Those are just wrong too.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    He reminds me of Kenneth from 30 Rock.

    You talking his picture made his day, you’re such a nice guy.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Did you make his day by speaking to him thereby confirming that life still exsists on this planet or did you snap and run?

  5. BM Says:

    He’s waiting for a job to open up at Sea World. Then he’ll have a….never mind.

  6. Jeff Says:

    I think I’ve seen that guy before – he was selling umbrellas in Phoenix.

  7. rabidrunner Says:

    You are mere minutes from the Tower of Terror. Go ride that thing, like, all night. I did. Then feast yourself on a few of those giant smoked turkey legs. I did that too.

  8. Christian Says:

    Ah I’ve always wanted to go to Orlando, that’s awesome. That coat guy really must have been so depressed, I don’t get how he looks so chirpy.

  9. bikemike Says:

    house of blues and cirque du soleil at downtown disney. blue man group at universal. the airport is very easy in and easy out. the best “hills” for bike riding in florida are just north of orlando.

    there is a huge apple store in the mall at millenia, right next to ikea.

    disney can bite my butt.

  10. linfin Says:

    Why does this picture make me think of The Shining?

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