some april scotties

April 27, 2011

I haven’t had a good powder day in a while, and boy, I needed a good powder day. Luckily, we’re in an extended Winter.

Yup, I said “luckily.” Remember, Winter is the A season, and Summer is the B season.

And that’s the way I see it.

Anyway. A foot of fresh on April 26th is a gift. I accept.

We had a tight-knit, if slightly over-sized group. A Band of Brothers. We few (not so much) we happy few (not so few).

Just reaching the upper Scottie’s ridge:

It’s kind of funny, how it dumped a foot, and while we saw a lot of each other, we didn’t see anybody ELSE.

At this point, you might say “say, dug, I’ve noticed that you’re always taking these pictures from behind–are you really the slowest guy?”

To which I would say, ” .” And I would follow that up with a punch to your neck.


The obligatory de-skinning picture at the top. I use that term, just because I always enjoy the traffic it brings.

The snow was good. I’ve run out of better adjectives. Good will do.

Several of us breaking all kinds of backcountry rules now that the UAC has closed down for the year:

Steve comin atcha:

Steve not comin atcha:

And, to underscore the superfluous nature of a handheld video camera, a little video from Steve’s little point and shoot:

We were all a little embarrassed to experience a little pucker factor just crossing the bridge, since the crest of that ridge of snow was only about a foot wide.

I guess this was a dawn patrol. Although, we then sat in the White Pine parking lot for two hours waiting for the howitzers to complete their work.

Which gave me some time to play some Angry Birds (for the first time ever). Have you heard of this Angry Birds thing? It’s pretty fun.


7 Responses to “some april scotties”

  1. stevebpt Says:

    You threw the Angry Birds reference in just to create more traffic! I have heard it’s a fun game though, just not privileged enough to have tried it.

    I’m just one of those poor saps waiting for the days I can say “it’s too hot”. Summer would be my A season.

  2. Tanner Cottle Says:

    While you sat in the parking lot we got two more laps in

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    How sweet is skiing in late April? Looks pretty sweet to me. And powder even. Did you say a little prayer of thanksgiving?

  4. Dianne West Says:

    That’s incredible to have a foot of fresh powder
    in late April–you’ve been way too lucky with
    plan A this year! Looked like fun, again!

  5. BM Says:

    If I hadn’t forced myself to uninstall angry birds I would have defaulted on the mortgage by now.

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