uh huh

May 12, 2011

Okay, you know how everybody complains about drivers. I’ve talked about this before. Nobody cops to being a crappy driver, but everybody says the drivers around them suck.

Which means at least some of us must suck, right? It stands to reason.

The other day I was subjected to more of the “totally, Utah drivers are the worst, yada yada yada.”

I objected mildly, and said something about learning left lane fast and right lane slow, when one guy who was complaining bitterly about the general suckiness of Utah drivers said “I mean, really, if you’re not going at least about 64-66 miles per hour in the fast lane, get off the freeway.”

I searched for irony in his visage, but found none.

So, now we know of at least ONE of us that fits the bill.


14 Responses to “uh huh”

  1. Michele Says:

    I don’t think my car can go that slow on the freeway. Have you noticed that in Utah County people apparently think that the right lane is the fast lane while they park in the left lane? It is especially apparently to me around Lehi and American Fork. I will continue to drive where my cruise control likes to be set to 80.

  2. stevebpt Says:

    Is there a way we can paintball those cars and mark them for future avoidance and possible destruction if they do not learn, Left lane is actually passing lane, if you block traffic cont. to move to your right. Or be marked/destroyed. This is NOT an Al Queada plot. See how many hits THAT gets you!

  3. wraps Says:

    In the city I call home, proper lane usage on any interstate inside the beltway, including the beltway, doesn’t happen. Not that it always happens correctly outside the beltway, but it gets better. It’s so bad that I don’t even ram them anymore, too much drama. I just grab the next lane and go, along with a bunch of other people.

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    No beam sticking out of his eye? Of course I only have motes.

    I’ll admit at times I get listening to the radio or something and then notice someone behind me wanting to go faster. I pull over and let them by. And I make other driving mistakes now and then.

    But I’ve been the passenger of drivers who are oblivious and don’t even look. So I know they’re out there.

  5. bikemike Says:

    visage was an early 80’s group that was the prelude to ultravox. so, i don’t thin that word means what you thin that word means.

  6. Mike J Says:

    Have to disagree. Utah drivers suck. Except for you Dug.

  7. stevebpt Says:


  8. Bander Says:

    Utah drivers – just another example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect (ie., those that suck are too stupid to realize they suck).

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