when it’s may 18th, it doesn’t have to be awesome to be awesome

May 18, 2011

I guess the question is, am I different with different people, or am I the same, and the people are different with me?

For example, when I first started talking to Steve W about going into the backcountry with me, all I had to do was show him one picture of Bonkers with a foot of fresh, and he was in for anything and everything I would take him on. I’ve never heard Steve say “is it safe?” Rather, he says “How much did they get and when are we going?”

On the other hand, Burke, whom I got out a couple weeks ago for a foot of fresh in Days Draw (without Steve W, coincidentally, maybe even ironically), is 1 for 3. That is, the first time I asked him to come, he clearly wanted to go very much, but just didn’t trust me to keep him on top of the snow, rather than under it. After he saw the pictures, he vowed to never say no again. And so, he got his foot of fresh from time number two in Days.

But last night, when I told him we were headed up to take advantage of a late Spring snow storm that had dropped 12 inches and counting up Little Cottonwood Canyon, he spent the next hour on the avalanche website learning about the many ways to die in the backcountry. And thus, he’s 1 for 3.

Speaking of which. Here’s a terrible video from this morning. Until my 16 gig memory card arrives, I’ve been carrying the Flip for the climb and using the Contour on the goggles for the descent. But when we topped out on Flagstaff today, I discovered, or rather failed to discover, a missing goggle mount. So I tried filming with the Flip in hand. The results of which validate Cisco’s decision to discontinue the Flip.


2 Responses to “when it’s may 18th, it doesn’t have to be awesome to be awesome”

  1. Steve W Says:

    Why? Why did I have to be a good dad this morning and miss out due to my allegiance to the carpool to violin?! Especially since I sort of feel your adventure this morning was my idea? Ughh.

    I got next. How about tomorrow? How much more did they get?

  2. Brandon Says:

    A little electrical tape could have remedied your situation of the lost goggle mount. Fun to watch though. Crazy you are still making fresh turns in May.

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