100 (ish) miles of somewhere

June 6, 2011

I totally did Elden’s 100 Miles of Nowhere Saturday.

That is, he got going at 5:30am, did a couple laps of Alpine City Park to Suncrest Summit, down North side to Chevron, and, er, BACK a couple times before I got out there at about 8:30.

Oh, yeah, and he did a bit more AFTER I stopped.

I’m not going to say how many laps/miles I did. That’s kind of personal isn’t it? Kind of like asking me how old I am (45) or how much I weigh (188 ish).

Anyway. I took the Contour Helmet cam out, first time on the road bike. It’s a bit different on the road bike, I obviously need to look up more.

Also, I need to edit more. If you get bored, just close your eyes and think of England.



21 Responses to “100 (ish) miles of somewhere”

  1. Mike Green Says:

    Wow, that bit where you pass the semi truck on the left at 55 mph is pretty gutsy.

    I’ve been looking at helmet cams to purchase to document my incredibly un-gutsy rides here in Southern Utah. Your video is really crisp. What model of Contour cam do you use?

  2. Jesse Says:

    This is sort of creepy. I was in Draper & Lehi to do some property inspections about a month ago. I saw the Ikea “you can see from space.” The updated-in-real-time billboard that’s really upcated every 5 minutes. I’m pretty sure I saw the construction sign that keeps becoming a Zombie warning. And I totally inspected the vacant parcel across the street from that Chevron…in fact, I stopped to get snacks at the Chevron. There was a Cytomax water bottle in the middle of the field with the bite piece chewed off…was that from one of you guys? Anyway. Small world, thanks for the connection to Utah.

  3. eber Says:

    did my butt look big in those pants or is there a weird fun house setting you turned on for that segment?

    • dug Says:

      let’s just say i was happy when you came around so i could draft.

      and that i’m also happy nobody was following MY ass with a camera.

  4. Jenn Says:

    Dug – what’s the second song? I must own it.

    • dug Says:

      jenn, it’s by “Explosions In The Sky”, the track is “The Only Moment We Were Alone” off of “The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place”.

      everything you do, no exceptions, is made 25% better by listening to Explosions In The Sky.

      • Jenn Says:

        Bought the whole album, plus a couple other songs…seems like very good riding music. I look forward to being 25% faster today. Thanks!

        • dug Says:

          to be clear, i said “better” not “faster.”

          • Jenn Says:

            Faster is better. Same thing.

            Actually, I came back to say an even more profuse, “Thanks.” That is really, really great music and I was right…perfect for riding. I call it, ‘thinking music’. Which I would try to explain, but it would make me sound like either a complete tool or…well…maybe just a complete tool. Anyway, grazie.

  5. Lifein360 Says:

    That pavement looks horrible. Tons of road snakes. Can’t be fun on super hot sticky days. Do you ever do that route in the other direction? Lots of hill climbs I would imagine.

    • evilreview Says:

      The pavement is the least of your worries when riding in this horrible area. There are also extremely aggressive, ankle-biting badgers. And ferocious bats, although those are (mostly) nocturnal. Neither of these, however, are as bad as the road snakes, which — unlike the gooey tar stuff you’re referring to — are ACTUAL SNAKES THAT LIVE ON THE ROAD. These terrifying animals are impervious to being run over (proof of Darwinism, btw) and will attack any inflated black rubber object that comes by them. Hence, snake bites in this area are rampant. RAMPANT, I tell you!

      This is a wild place, a scary place. Sure, some would say that it’s just another mountaintop suburb with a beautiful view and that road damage due to snowy winters and hot summers is a small price to pay, but I say, “Only if there’s a mountaintop suburb with a beautiful view and incidental road damage IN HELL!”

      Sorry, I think I may have rambled a bit there.

      To your second question, since the course Dug filmed (and then barely edited) was an out-and-back course we (by which I mean “everyone except Dug) did five times, I believe it may in fact be possible that we did the route in the other direction. Unless by “other direction” you mean “perpindicular to the back-and-forth course you did for pretty much the whole day.”

      I’ve rambled again, haven’t I? I’m going to go take my medication now.

  6. Rachel Says:

    Why don’t we have any of The Who? I love that song. It makes me want to run. Or maybe it was the video?

  7. […] A couple of the guys did writeup’s videos. Here’s Dug’s: […]

  8. Hey Dug (and fellow 100MoN) really liked the video, I recognised “Can’t Explain”, what was the other tracks you used?

  9. fizzhogg Says:

    Great video, editing be damned. I watched the whole thing. It made me want to ride with you all next year, but 18K climbing, at altitude, over 100 miles…

    Me tummy no likey.

    Well done.

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