moob on moob

June 10, 2011

Burke and I had a big presentation at work yesterday, and it went well. So, naturally, when we got back to our desks, we goaded each other into a 360 degree chest bump. In honor of the 360 degree work list we’d just been hawking.

Mike was there to video the bump. Against all my better judgement, I’m going to show you the video now. I’ve shown you lots of embarrassing things over the years, not least of which was me using a ziplock as an oven bag.

But this? Well, okay, go ahead and watch.

You have to admit, there was contact. It would have been really solid contact too, if not for my Spanx. Or if I was a well-endowed woman. Or a slightly better endowed man.

Nothing like a little moob on moob video to kick off your weekend, eh?


5 Responses to “moob on moob”

  1. stevebpt Says:

    Anything that starts a weekend off right is fantastic. Even that sort of chest bump.

  2. bikemike Says:

    who’s the hot chick standing behind you guys?

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Paraphrasing Seinfeld: Because if men are chest bumping there’s a chance they might somehow kiss.

  4. Nate K. Says:

    at least there wasn’t any motorboatin goin on. “You motorboatin sonofabitch”

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