the winter that would not die (in a good way)

June 27, 2011

Last Friday, I tried to rally some crew to go hit another chute up Little Cottonwood Canyon on Saturday (June 25th!). Rick? He stopped skiing in March. Mark? A half marathon or something. And so on. I even had Ian on the hook until late Friday, when he stayed up too late at his uncle Christian’s wedding.

So it came down to Rob, and to me. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which of us is the Sicilian.

Anyway. We had our pick of the south-facing, north side chutes. Eeeny meeeny miny mo.

Tanners. There ya go. According to the Chuting Gallery, it’s got it all. 40 degrees at the headwall, 4,000 vertical. That’s a lot of vertical. It almost never ends. Almost.

Watch for my magical moment 21 seconds in. It’s fun to boot 4,000 feet straight up with a right boot full of 33 degree water. I’m a spaz.

June 25th is almost the same as July. Almost.

I smell a ten month ski year.

10 Responses to “the winter that would not die (in a good way)”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Die hard skiers, I salute you.

    Style points to Rob for the rock slalom, and to Dug for grinding that ridge of snow.


    Looked like the booting got real steep in places. What happens if you slip? Got stuff to self arrest?

    The top and middle looked OK but the bottom looked like Rocky Road ice cream. What was the rate of skies hitting rocks?

    • dug Says:

      kris, it was steep, but generally low consequence. we both carry whippets, but i sometimes think those are more psychological than practical.

      lower quarter was high mineral content snow. you don’t even try avoiding any but the biggest rocks. it’s no big deal. skis are easily repaired, and i don’t think either of us got much more than a couple scratches.

      • bikemike Says:

        there’s a joke or two in there about whippets and skiing but i’ll let that dog lie

        • dug Says:

          that reminds me of another joke.

          a comedian invites a friend to a comedian convention. as they sit in the crowd, someone goes up to the microphone and says “number 34.” the crowd laughs politely.

          someone else goes up and says “number 81.” the crowd laughs more.

          this continues, and the friend says to the comedian “what’s going on?”

          the comedian says “we’ve all heard all the jokes, so to save time, we’ve just numbered them.”

          the next guy goes up and says “number 112.” the crowd goes wild, and laughs for a solid minute.

          “what’s up with that one?” asks the friend.

          “nobody has ever heard that one before.”

  2. Wyatt Says:

    Most inspiring ski video you’ve put up so far.

    Is that Orange BANG! you’re drinking at the end? If it is, they you’re my hero.

  3. Jonnie J Says:

    You guys are hardcore. Thanks for the invite a$$ hole.

  4. Jonnie J Says:

    Ya ya I know I deserve it.

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