july 4th weekend, back on snow

July 2, 2011

Okay then, make that ten months this season. I started the year skiing at Alta, I guess it makes sense that we finish it at Alta.

Took Ian and Holden (nobody else answered the call–not even you, Jonnie) up to Alta this morning to ski the main Baldy Chute.

Turns out, we didn’t have any  more dirt at the bottom than we would pretty much mid season. Crazy day. Crazy year.

Enjoy. You know. Or not. Your choice.



9 Responses to “july 4th weekend, back on snow”

  1. Aaron Says:

    So… am I off the list or what? Heading up on Monday morning, if you’re interested in a repeat.

  2. Miles Archer Says:

    Looking at your video, I can’t wait for my hiking trip to the CA Sierra Nevada mtns later this month. Alas, no skis.

  3. John Says:

    You guys know we’re having the same kind of year in WA state, right? Minus the strange liquor laws and out-of-the-mainstream religions, that is. Baker highway up to Artist’s point is still under 50′ of snow and likely won’t open this year.

    May we all live to see many more epic snow years!

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    I dig the novelty/zaniness of the July t-shirt ski.

    Your videos keep getting more sophisticated – now with 2 cameras.

    As I watched I wondered: Could I just boot the whole way up since I don’t have AT gear? Too slow?

    • dug Says:

      kris, skinning is definitely faster when it’s possible, but right now, everything is firm enough to boot. you start early, when it’s firm, and hope it’s soft by the time you get to the top. so the booting works just fine. also avy danger is very low this time of year (providing you go early).

  5. Jonnie J Says:

    The Anderson’s are hardcore. I am nominating you for Father of the Year. I appreciate the invite but just as i never move to the next item on my dinner plate until I have completely eaten the first course, I also don’t mix my seasons.

  6. bikemike Says:

    what the heck is this “snow” thing of which you speak?

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