just a little awkward

July 6, 2011

Holden made a deal with a neighbor to take care of their dogs over the Fourth of July weekend, but Monday night, we were down at my brother’s watching fireworks, and Holden met up with a friend, and decided to stay the night. Which left me to go to the neighbor’s house and put the dogs in the garage for the night. Since that was the plan, and the job.

So about 11pm I walked down with the house key, to the totally dark neighbor’s house, fumbled with the key in the front door for a second, and walked in.

I felt the giant St. Bernard before I saw him, since his giant slobbery mouth distracted me from the light switch.

“Hey, Hi Murphy, what are you doing inside? Did Holden forget to put you out this afternoon?” (Yes, I spoke to the giant st. bernard as if he were a person–since he was twice the size of a normal person.)

And then, out of the dark upstairs, “Hey Doug–We’re home.”

And then the house’s (and the dog’s) owner appeared at the top of the stairs, kind of spotlighted by the stair light.

I confess, he wasn’t what I like to call “fully clothed.”

“Um, Hi. Hey, I’m going to leave the keys right here on this table, and, um, I’m going to take off now.”

Me, awkwardly fumbling for the door, and fleeing the scene as fast as I could.

Then calling Holden to yell at him for getting the schedule wrong. Some things cannot be unseen.


7 Responses to “just a little awkward”

  1. Miles Archer Says:

    Better to see his, um, pistol than to be looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

  2. Michele Says:

    hahahaha I needed that laugh this morning.

  3. bikemike Says:

    I asked the cat where he was going. He walked around me and into the house and proceeded to lick his penis. Cats do that. I believe the cat thinks i’m stupid.

    Elvis Cole, Detective.

  4. Jonnie J Says:

    You’re collecting some good material for a stand up routine.

  5. CB Says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Stuck at LAX right now and people are staring due to my sudden outburst.

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