i can’t believe it’s not butter

July 29, 2011

I just went from this:

To this:

I can’t believe it’s not butter. Because it sure feels like butter.



10 Responses to “i can’t believe it’s not butter”

  1. bikemike Says:

    it’s chiffon.

  2. Sweeeet… so did you lick it to make sure it’s not butter?

  3. Tanner Cottle Says:

    Get a suspension fork and it will blow your mind with how much smoother it is

  4. BM Says:

    geez, I thought this was going to be about skateboards.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What’s with the sock?

  6. Derron Tanner Says:

    I love my niner fork! So buttery smooth (for a rigid).

  7. Brandon Says:

    Lets see if it can surpass the beating you gave that last fork off the unexpected 3-4ft drop during the Whole Enchilada last year.

  8. The Flyin' Ute Says:

    I find that I unlock my front suspension fork less and less. I for sure can tell the difference, but most of the trails that I seem to ride are really pretty smooth. I mean, you are riding the same stuff that I am, right?

    So, my question for you is, How do you think my Mooto X would be with these forks? I’m sure they would weigh less. Do you think they will be about the same as my suspension forks locked out?

    Just wondering. Thanks man.

  9. evilbanks Says:

    I’d say that deserves a “hell yeah”

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