my favorite road ride

August 3, 2011

I have a few favorite things.

The Godfather, for instance, is my favorite movie.

Gooseberry Mesa, for example, is my favorite trail.

And American Fork Canyon is my favorite road ride. About 11 miles, over 3000 feet, and it’s also kind of pretty.

And the descent is wicked awesome. Tight and twisty for the upper half, and wide open with big sweeping turns for the lower half. If you don’t scare yourself silly up high and top 50mph in the middle, you’re not doing it right.

When we ride it as a group, it’s understood that there is a winner on the up, and a winner on the down.

I haven’t won the up for quite some time. Decades, it seems.

Well, I stopped winning the sprint at the bottom a while back too. But turns out, if you can get enough of a gap in the technical upper reaches, you can hold off the pack for the lower five miles and solo in.

Like this:



24 Responses to “my favorite road ride”

  1. Jonnie J Says:

    Saw you down the hall at church. Buy a bag of licorice. You’re looking kind of thin.

  2. bikemike Says:

    The Godfather? Did they have any/many good quotes in there? Where does Princess Bride rank or is it a comedy vs. drama thing?

    Dang it, i wish you guys still did the top 5 lists.

  3. eber Says:

    I still don’t understand how you can roll the top twisty section so fast. When I deploy my ass fairing I can usually catch you just above Tibble Jct – with the exception of the day Riessen clawed back on (then blew up at the shack) we’ve been able to hold that break every time. Now if I could just figure out how to pip you in the sprint.

    Script for the two Rick passes:

    1st Pass
    Dug: “Move aside grasshoppa. I show you how to go fast downhill”
    Rick: “Shifu, by all means, show the way.”

    2nd Pass
    Rick: “you’re number one, dug.”

    I’ve yet to ride that canyon this year. Next time you go I’ll say yes. Maybe.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    7:00 – Oh de(e)r!

    • dug Says:

      i know, right? seeing a deer in that situation will raise an already elevated heart rate. i spent the next couple minutes wondering what a collision with a deer at 55mph would be like.

  5. Rick S. Says:

    Next time, I’m starting my sprint at the bottom of the climb. I think that’s the only way I can beat you.

    • dug Says:

      i’ve thought the same thing, that if you just stopped waiting for me at the top, and we made the race to the bottom sort of a round trip thing, i would never win anything ever again.

      so thanks for waiting for me at the top.

  6. Manti Says:

    You totally missed an opportunity at 7:00

    MMMMM… Venison

  7. Jenn Says:

    So much to say. First, ‘kind of pretty?’ You have a way with understatement, my friend. Second, if you captured the first screen, where you’re reflected in the car window? Very cool pic. Bada@@, one might even say. Third, your first turn in the descent made me drop an f-bomb. Out loud. Great music selection in ‘Ready to Go.’ Finally, I’m glad I watched ’til the end, to see your ‘king of the world’ shadow. I know that feeling well, it’s a big part of why I ride. Awesome, awesome video; thanks!!

    • dug Says:

      jenn, you know what’s kind of funny about that first switchback? well, the tour of utah descends this same route, and there was a great pic of tyler hamilton there. he had completely missed the turn, and was a ways off the road. in fact, aaron smith likes to call that turn “hamilton falls.”

      i say that’s a disservice to the rest of us who have missed that turn once or twice over 20 years.

  8. mark Says:

    My favorite part: when you reach down to your helmet cam while posting up to make sure it’s on to capture your shadow.

  9. becomingblue Says:

    Maybe it’s just the angle, but is your seat high enough?

    • dug Says:

      that is an excellent question. but i’m the guy who rode a single speed for two years before asking what gear i was running. so, um, i don’t know.

  10. Bob B. Says:

    It’s not the Alpine Loop if you don’t ride past Sundance. You should call it AF Canyon or Hogg’s There ‘n Back.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I tried to stay on your wheel once, scared me silly. You are the master, or insane. Since you haven’t crashed the nod goes to master.

  12. flatlander :-( Says:

    So are you really that much faster than anyone else on that descent, or did that deer scare the fluff out of you and everyone else had to slow down to avoid the road apples?

    If that was me I would know the answer…

    • dug Says:

      im not so super fast. but i was fastest on this day. that’s why i made the video. like i would do that on a slow day.

  13. […] you should perhaps stop here and read something else. For example, you might want to look at Dug’s video of a recent ride he went on in American Fork Canyon. Sure, it’s nearly ten minutes long, but it’s a pleasure to watch (Dug is an […]

  14. Sara-no-h Says:

    Where’s the moose? And…the dude…

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