af canyon, dirty version

August 10, 2011

Last week I posted a video of my favorite road ride (American Fork canyon to top and back).

So, this week, here’s the dirty version.

Starting at the Pine Hollow trailhead, where they close the road in the Winter, up the road to Timpooneke (notice how that’s spelled, by the way), get on the dirt, cross the road featured in last week’s video, pass Salamander Flat on the left, stay right, climb what some call puke hill to the Ridge trail, go out the Ridge to four corners (top of Tibble Fork), descend Joy (South Fork of Deer Creek is the official name, but that name sucks), cross Cascade Springs road, climb up to the Summit trailhead (where last week’s road ride topped out), head out the Ridge, turn left, and down Pine Hollow to the car.

About 12 miles, about 2200 feet of vertical, and just under two hours. For me, that is. The guys I rode with would do it much much faster without me.

But then they wouldn’t have this video, would they?

It’s good. Real good. (The ride, not the video. I mean, the video is alright. A little long. I have a hard time cutting. I’m like Terrence Malick, but without the talent or intellect.)



19 Responses to “af canyon, dirty version”

  1. Cor Says:

    you guys have TWO bikes!!! Must be nice to be rich. 😉

  2. Rick S. Says:

    I like the dirty version of AF better. And I liked the post ride meal a lot.

  3. Drew Says:

    So jealous.

  4. Ruprecht Says:

    This! I want THIS!

  5. Daren Says:

    Good call, Tanner, Mark and I did that same ride Saturday. One of my favorites as well.

  6. ricky Says:

    crying here. crying cause i missed the ride. thanks for the dirty movie.

  7. MOCougFan Says:

    Good song. Dentist approved.

    Ride is even better.

  8. Brandon Says:

    Wish I could have made breakfast. Cool you matched “Johnny” in the song to Jon in the video.

  9. Alex Says:

    Hey, that’s Novocaine, by Green Day, but not really. Where did you get that version?

    (Great vid, by the way.)

  10. Jonnie J Says:

    Your video was almost as good as the ride….and that is saying alot. I’ll never make fun of your 2 camera system again. Thanks for getting me out.

  11. eber Says:

    mmmmm…french toast.

  12. mark Says:

    I won’t make fun of your Terrence Malick tendencies anymore if you’ll continue inviting me out on these rides. Good stuff.

  13. k tenney Says:

    Okay, I actually gave away my mountain bike 2 years ago because I just got tired of impossibly technical riding in my area for a guy who is really a roadie. I was always tense, always going down, always getting hurt, so I quit it.

    However, seeing these videos makes me wish for a bike again, but more so to have trails like these! I wouldn’t take them as fast as you guys do, but it would be great simply to have them. You’re lucky!

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