the humble humblebrag

August 16, 2011

My new favorite website is It’s where my favorite sports writer, Bill Simmons, gets to do all the stuff he couldn’t do on, and he’s collected a team of  inglorious basterds to write hip, funny stuff about sports and pop culture.

Today on Grantland I came across Harris Wittels and his Humblebrag column for the first time, and now I’ve decided to stop blogging.

Okay, that’s not true, I only fleetingly thought about stopping blogging, but now I feel funny about blogging (well, MORE funny). Since almost all blogging is really just a form of humblebragging.

For example, we had the whole extended family on Kim’s side up at Bear Lake couple weeks ago, and Shelle took some pictures of me hopping up onto a log on my bike. So, I was going to post a couple here and say something like, “hey, I’m no Danny Macaskill, but I DID manage to not fall off this log.”

But now I can’t, because now that I’ve been introduced to the humblebrag, I realize that I’m a chronic humblebragger.

Case in point, my video of me descending American Fork Canyon couple weeks ago. You know, “I’m fat, I’m slow, I can’t win the race to the top . . . but . . . here, watch me go downhill fast and solo to the guard shack.” (Not that I can even win THAT every time (damn, there I go again, implying that I can win that SOME times.))

We all do it, right? I mean, pretty much every time we post. Hey, my kids are demons, but aren’t we a cute family? Or, I’m a crappy skier compared to these guys, but check me out skiing this rad chute. That kind of thing. Okay, those were just examples of ME humblebragging. But I bet you can find some others. You wouldn’t have to look far. Like, maybe just peruse the link list over to the right. Apparently me and all my friends are pro humblebraggers.

For example, I’m going to post Shelle’s pictures anyway. Can’t help it.

See? I mean, it’s just a foot and half tall log. But I RAILED it!



17 Responses to “the humble humblebrag”

  1. cubsfarr Says:

    The orange bike brings Macaskill to mind, but your log is a planed bench.

  2. dug Says:

    if it takes something as meta as humblebragging about humblebragging to get you to visit and and casually drop the best casual acid rebuff ever, i’ll try to get meta every meta day.

  3. Aaron Says:

    I owe you big time for introducing me to humblebrag. Impossible to pick a favorite, but here’s a good one:

    8. @JeremyMcGovern

    “Need advice- As owner of my own small Production Company, what should my title be on my business cards? I don’t want to sound pompous. #Film”

    Oof. Not sounding pompous Fail.

    • dug Says:

      i like this one:

      2. @brolf_az

      “I find it hard to gain weight. Tips to get fat people! Go!”

      I have a gut. So does America. Shut up.

  4. bikemike Says:

    really, the only “talent” i have is i can belch, fart and cough at the same time. it’s very hard to get a picture to convey this talent and NO ONE wants to video it. i am left to admire other peoples humility.

    however, i could probably perform this talent on the same log you rode on. although, i would probably fall off afterward. it requires precise bloodflow and i get lightheaded.

  5. stevebpt Says:

    We all need an outlet somewhere. “We” usually enjoy yours.

  6. The Flyin' Ute Says:

    Brag away Tiger! We are sitting at work looking for a little relief. We sure as crap don’t want to see pictures of you standing there safely not bragging and doing nothing.
    I wish I was riding my bike on a log right now. Or up AF canyon or Down anything. Lay it all out there for us to see. Stop holding back.

    I don’t mind a little self serving entertainment.

    Keep up the good work. Now, If fatty can get a sub 9 with apparent ease and little tricks such as eating every 30 minutes then I’m sure you can to.

    Get after it and then brag away! Now that Leadville is over. I’m praying for snow!

  7. Nate Says:

    I just like that you used the word “rad”. Thats enough for me. But, I am pretty easy.

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    Humblebrag, good name. I thought my blog posts were neutral travelogs but when I reread I’m embarrassed by how braggy they come off. I don’t mean to. That ego is sneaky.

    dug, I appreciate your humility but I gotta say I’m impressed by your bike handling skill. You just plain have good balance and quick reactions. I’ve seen you make some tricky moves. Not to mention your AF Canyon road descending prowess.

    (This message paid for by the Humble Dug SuperPAC.)

  9. mark Says:

    You made that planed bench your bitch.

  10. Jason Says:

    Humblebrag – genious. I’m a little too cool to comment much – but have to give props to this post, one of my favorites of all time.

  11. VaLene Says:

    Can you e-mail me off-blog? I have questions about your Bear Lake vacation. Or have Kim e-mail me. I’m in charge of our next family reunion and Bear Lake was at the top of my list.

  12. Aaron Says:

    Here is a real post that just showed up on my facebook news feed from one of my “friends”:

    “Thought I was done cleaning but ended up cleaning my wheelchair bound neighbors kitchen and changing the filters in his fish tank. I refuse to clean tomorrow.”

    That’s some top notch HumbleBrag right there. Actually, you can probably just drop the Humble” on that one.

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