more offsites like this

October 4, 2011

Generally, a work offsite (or, a work ONSITE for that matter) is not top of my list of fun things to do.

But if they were all like this, I might be persuaded to change my mind.

I need to look up more. I mean, maybe we ALL need to look up more, but I literally need to look up more.

Because then I would have captured Burke’s unfortunate encounter with a root in even more fantastic glory.

But this’ll do.

10 Responses to “more offsites like this”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Now that’s how an offsite should be done.

    I see you found the only Sundance DH trail. That’s what the black line means.

    Loved Burke’s superman crash.

    Looking for a contact at 5:20?

  2. dug Says:

    kris, apparently one of the group dropped car keys off the lift, so we stopped to help look for a bit. also apparently, a liftie found the keys an hour before, so the poor key loser lost two hours looking for already found keys.

  3. Brandon Banks Says:

    That’s my kind of work retreat. You even did it at your favorite place.

  4. Manti Says:

    Where was orange? Does she know you cheated on her?

    • dug Says:

      wow, good eye.

      it was a work offsite, and i couldn’t get my bike there, plus the company was paying for rentals, so i just saddled up whatever the team was using.

      orange is still my girl. i had her permission.

  5. ricky Says:

    OMG, I can’t stop laughing. I’ve never seen a person get H on a bike like that. I tell you what, that Burke can flat-out plank!

    Hey, seriously, can we take up a donation and upgrade Burke’s tron lid?

    • dug Says:

      ricky, no way are we swapping it out, his tron lid reminds me of paul dame’s old Styrofoam coffee cup helmet. long may it wave.

  6. Brandon Says:

    Wait, did your bike have “moving parts?”

  7. stevebpt Says:

    So there are exceptions to the “no Sundance” rule?

    • dug Says:

      yes, when work lets me take the afternoon off, pays for my rental, and pays for my lift pass.

      but that’s all.

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