last minute night ride. with holden.

October 25, 2011

Dark have been my dreams of late.

But a night ride with Holden made it all better, at least for a while.

We were just hanging out, throwing the football, arguing about Shakespeare and Harry Potter with the Dames (not dames, and not royally recognized British women, but rather, just “the Dames). The usual.

And Holden said “Hey, I wanna go night riding.”

Well, I had some lights, on the charger, just waiting to be used. So why not? (Thanks Elden.)

This would be my first night ride video. Well, it’s my second attempt, the first one I chased Steve and Sally down Rush, but I had a helmet cam, with a bar light, and so I videoed a whole lot of darkness. This time I put the camera on the bar, and the light on the bar, and it worked better. Next time, I’ll add a helmet light.

Having 10 riders would be a nice addition too, but I’m starting with Holden. He’s my favorite night ride partner.

9 Responses to “last minute night ride. with holden.”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Isn’t your wife your “favorite night ride?”

  2. Eric Says:

    Nice. Love the Zeppelin soundtrack. Holden rips!

  3. Ruprecht Says:

    I can’t believe you have that right from your house. So jealous.

  4. Rick S. Says:

    Lord of the Rings. Nice. Next time you get out w/ Holden, let me know. Seth would hate it but it’s something he must do.

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    10 riders? Friday Theoden. Bring Holden.

    And assure Holden his saddle soreness will go away. Was he standing most of the ride? Ah, the energy of youth.

  6. evilbanks Says:

    that just plain rules………….

  7. bikemike Says:

    i am the nightrider. i’m a fuel injected suicide machine. i am the rocker, i am the roller, i am the out-of-controller!

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