the boo poo poo platter

October 27, 2011

Aaaaand, we’re back.

That is, the boo’ing has reached a heretofore unreachable low.

Well, for me. Holden loves Cosmic Brownies.

Yup. A pair of Cosmic Brownies.

Kim is taking it personally, but she’s not mad at y’all, she’s mad at me. That is, she says I’ve provoked the world, and the world is provoking me back, and she’s caught in the crossfire.

Or, to put too fine a point on it, all y’all are cutting off Kim’s nose to spite MY face.

Well played sir. Or ma’am.

5 Responses to “the boo poo poo platter”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    sweet! Kenzie loves those. Not on my top 1000 list. Somewhere ahead of Bit O Honey.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If I lived in your neighborhood, I’d put up a “No Booing” sign on my door.

  3. bikemike Says:

    some people think they’re funny and they’re not. annoying, maybe, funny, not so much.

    i would eat their brownies and throw the paper in the trash. boo…my ass.

    i’m guessing i couldn’t live in your neighborhood. my ninja/samurai skills would kick in and it’d get ugly. my services, however are for hire.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know what you have against the custom. It is a fun way to encourage neighborliness. As long as the treat is edible. Even better when they actually taste very good. You just live in the wrong neighborhood.

    • dug Says:

      i have nothing against the custom. i hate BAD boos, not good boos.

      it’s these hate crime boos that kill me.

      i think i would be just as unpopular in your neighborhood. it’s a gift.

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