i don’t believe you

January 4, 2012

Not excluding the short (c’mon, it was short) break I took recently, I’ve been doing this blog thing for a long time. Like, three and a half years long. In those early days I may have mentioned the gross refrigerator in the lunch room at my previous place of employment, which was housed in what I generously refer to as Class C office space.

Here at my new place of employment we have buildings and facilities that seem more Class B ish.

And here, everyone is welcome to have their own mini fridges in their offices, which saves wear and tear and space in the ONE fridge in break room, a fridge that should theoretically be able to house the lunchables for about 200 people.

Uh huh.

We have the usual sign on the fridge, you know, “stuff left after Friday at 5pm will be given to the pack of feral dogs outside, yada yada yada.”


Don’t believe it.

I discovered a tupperware in the fridge a while back, that I’ve been watching as kind of an experiment. And by a while, I mean three months.

Yup. Still there.

We are moving to new, Class A offices in a couple weeks. Where they say we can’t have personal fridges because it’s too ghetto.

More ghetto than the spaghetti? I don’t think so.



8 Responses to “i don’t believe you”

  1. Mike J Says:

    That spaghetti looks like it has some active cultures growing on it. You never know, it could be good for you.

  2. Jeff Says:

    The sign even says “4:50” like, “we’re not even going to give you the chance to get it on your way out the door.”

    Where I work, on the other hand, they have no problems throwing out a half dozen brand new yogurts – turns out we have a “no stockpiling” policy…

  3. LidsB2 Says:

    Mmmmm…spaghetti. Hey, penicillin cures what ails you, right?

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    Given the evidence, I choose ghetto. Disguise your mini fridge as a filing cabinet. Or say you need it for insulin.

    Where are the new digs? Closer to home?

    (Watching the end of Spinal Tap. Ah, the classics.)

  5. Jenn Says:

    Nothing for months (well, it felt like months)…and now this? Two posts in a week?! Heeey, waidaminute….are we your new year’s resolution?

    Don’t care. Glad you’re back, even if ya are a bit fluffy. Aren’t we all, this time of year?

  6. roan Says:

    After 1 1/2 months watching a mystery tupperware container in the fridge, no wonder you needed an additional month and a half. Sorta grows on ya, heh?

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