i’m going down

February 15, 2012

Here at the new building, things are good. The bathrooms are clean and well lit, and the breakroom . . .

Well, the breakroom is no longer a dungeon, but rather a place people actually want to sit and eat lunch in.

We’ve got this fancy new glorified honor box. It’s like a giant vending machine without the machine. Except for a weird contraption where we scan the diet coke we want to buy (they other stuff, but whatever), and then scan our cool little scan card, onto which the company puts some money every month, and which we are free to supplement with cash or card.

Here’s the honor box (with a warning that we’re on camera–who gets the “monitor the honor box” job?)

And the company provides free hot chocolate and tea and coffee with one of those K Cup machines. Which I love.

But, and maybe I’m nitpicking here, but see how in this picture the hot beverage machine is right there, and the door is behind me? But the fancy tiny opening trash receptacles (environmentally concsiously split into “plastic,” “trash,” and “cans”) are WAY over there by the window.

Even in a Willy Wonka’s Factory world like this, if I am adding sugar to my tea over HERE, and I have to go over THERE to throw away my swizzle stick, and then come way back over HERE to exit the breakroom–well, I dunno, what do YOU think will happen?

One more thing about the new building. The elevator talks to you. At the end of every day, I get in the elevator, and feel like I’m Mickey Rourke at the end of Angel Heart.

I’m going DOWN!



6 Responses to “i’m going down”

  1. Bikemike Says:

    Isn’t hell in that direction?

    • dug Says:

      yes, yes it is. i don’t want my elevator talking to me, much less telling me i’m “going down.”

      all i see when that happens is mickey rourke in that elevator, headed to hell.

      which he totally deserved, of course.

  2. Dianne West Says:

    Wow, you’re coming up in the world with your new snack room!!

  3. WheelDancer Says:

    I’d just take the stairs…

  4. Brandon Banks Says:

    Beats the holy hell out of my office…………nice!

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    Nice break room.

    What do I think happens? I know you’re a man who will get up before dawn and climb a mountain, on skis or bike. A man of such vigor and fortitude certainly will walk the few steps to the trash can.

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