tomorrow land

March 7, 2012

Remember when George Senior went to a grocery store and was overcome with amazement by the scanning machines?

Well, I went to my brother-in-law the dentist this morning to get a crown. I expected the usual: take an impression, give me a temporary, send the impression to the lab, wait two weeks, eat Milk Duds, lose my crown, spend a week with fangs cutting my tongue, then finally go back to the dentist and get my crown installed.

Nope. Welcome to Tomorrow Land, brought to you by Daniel, my dentist.

What a machine. He takes pictures of my teeth with a magical device, which creates a 3D image, which he can manipulate on the screen, then send to a second magical machine, which then carves my crown out whatever you want (a rock, the sole of a shoe, a muffin, or a chip off of a porcelain toilet). Then he bakes the crown in a nuclear reactor, and glues it to your gums.

I feel like such a Rube. Now I’m the guy amazed by the grocery store scanner.

But at least I’m back to Milk Duds.


6 Responses to “tomorrow land”

  1. Nate Says:

    Milk Duds are a Dentists best friend! They are oh so good though.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    I’m pretty sure Daniel used a chip off a toilet, right down in the bottom of the bowl.

    A granite crown would be macho.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Funny…I had a similar experience at the vet’s office this week. I had to wait moments, instead of days, to find out my fur kid has a thyroid problem (which…I have to admit…kind of jealous….I’ve always wanted to use that my excuse…) and not the dreaded “c” from the nightmare that is my imagination.

    This was a ‘second opinion’ vet I’d never been to, which provided a painfully clear contrast to our (no longer) current vet, who doesn’t yet have all the latest in laboratory gadge. (Gadge is a word. Because I say so. And used here, you should pronounce it laBORatory gadge. I don’t know why.)

  4. steve Says:

    You and George senior have so much in common now!!

  5. Bud Says:

    Thanks Dug. Good times. My whole purpose in life is to make it so people are able to eat Milk Duds and Cinnamon Bears.

  6. Jenn Says:

    Um. I’m not anonymous. I’m Jenn. Dang it. My bat.

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