friday news roundup #1

March 16, 2012

I’m not afraid to admit it, I like to listen to Diane Rehm‘s Friday News Roundup. Because stuff happens during the week that’s too important to wait for the Sunday talk shows.

I’m going to start doing a Friday roundup. Here  you go:

Two new websites that are on my daily visit list because they are so awesome I can’t wait for the Sunday talk shows.

Least Helpful Reviews, brought to you buy the same guy who does my next entry. Essentially, highlighting Amazon reviews of books by people who are too stupid to be alive. A sample from someone reviewing the BOOK One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest:

This book is verbatim the movie. I wasn’t impressed. The main character was the Indian, not Randle Patrick McMurphy. I think the movie was great, and the book was too predictable. Maybe I should use another word other than predictable. The book was predictable because I saw the movie before reading the book.

Literally Unbelievable, a website that aggregates posts and comments from Facebook that take articles published in The Onion as actual news reporting. Here is a nice sample from someone who might need a sharp blow to the head:

Scientists successfully teach gorilla it will die someday.

C complains: Our tax dollars at work

T enlightens: So what is the purpose of that? What “crippling fear of impending death” are they talking about? I’m not afraid of dying. I’ve had Out of Body Experiences, and Astral Projected, so I KNOW we exist outside of this body and plane.

I had more, but it’ll have to wait for the Sunday talk shows. Because I forget what eight was for.

Oh, and this postscript for anybody who claims Utah drivers suck so irredeemably badly that they can’t be, er, redeemed. Show me the money (that is, show me the data. Don’t give me anecdotes. I want actual data.)


9 Responses to “friday news roundup #1”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Good stuff, but I hope you know that this will go down
    on your permanent record.

    One that made me laugh:

    The Onion: Anonymous Hero Donates Hospital 200 Human Kidneys

    M: my only question is where did he get da kidneys!!!

  2. BM Says:

    I linked a friend to the amazon reviews page and he sent this back, written by one of his neighbours:

  3. Jenn Says:

    Funny. “Demented and sad,” but funny.

  4. berry Says:

    There I was – thinking your Femmes reference was obscure – and of course the first person to post got it immediately.

    One of our local TV stations has started adding some ‘sponsored links’ on the news stories – and occasionally one from The Onion pops up. I love when that happens.

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