it is what it is

April 6, 2012

Last year was a good winter. Lots of snow. Lots of great lines skied, all the way into August.

So, today, the avy forecast master, Bruce Tremper, said this:

We looked at snow numbers yesterday from the Alta Guard Station and found that this season has even less snow for this time of year than the previous record low snow season of 1976-77. We have a measly 283 inches so far and if we get less than 30 inches between now and the end of April, we will officially break the over-60-year record for the least amount of snow in a season. Wow! So if this seems like a horrible winter it’s because it IS.

I guess intrepid explorers could still find cool big lines to ski. I am more of a low hanging fruit kind of guy. So I think I’ll put away the skis. Go watch the Jacobs/Ghost downhill again. More of that sort of thing.

For example, I bought a new MTB saddle for the first time in like 6 years. See? I’m moving on.


3 Responses to “it is what it is”

  1. BM Says:

    So thanks entirely to you I now have ergon grips on two of my bikes. Dont tell me I have to buy saddles now!

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