not dead yet

April 16, 2012

I put away all the ski stuff right after Holden and I did Lone Peak. I mean, after all, this season is bumping up against the all time record for badness.

But we got like 18 inches last week. Gotta take advantage.

So, Tyler H. got all excited hearing the reports of last Winter’s bounty, and he went and bought BC gear this year. And then this year, um, sucked. And the one time I had him all set to go, and we got a big dump, the canyon closed.

And so. When we got 18 inches last week, well, it only seemed right to get Tyler and his new gear out.

Saturday was the day. Me, Ben, Wonder Twin Rob, and, of course, Tyler. (The kids were too tired to get up, so I met them for some nice resort powder a bit later on.)

We met at the mouth at six, hiking from the church around six thirty, two unreal shots in north facing Days, and the big return shot.

The shots in the back were uncut, deep, steep, and soft. The return shot had about 4 inches in a supportable crust which made for 100 foot schmear turns with the spray up and over the head.

Hey look, I have video of Tyler’s first big outing.

Oh, wait, I forgot my camera mount. Um. Whoops.

So here’s a short video of Tyler climbing to Flagstaff. I’m kind of like the dad who forgot to charge the camera battery for his kid’s first big game. Sorry Tyler. And sorry to you, dear reader.


4 Responses to “not dead yet”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Saturday when I saw the fresh snow in the mountains I wondered if you got out. Well done. And breaking in Tyler’s gear to boot.

  2. Nate Says:

    That view from Flagstaff is one of the best around. Sad I couldn’t make it. Sounds pretty sweet. Tyler hooked? Hell, who am I kidding, of course he is. He’ll be getting fatter skis next year I bet.

  3. Tyler H Says:

    That switchback was my worst. Of course Dug had to show that one in the video. Who am I kidding, though? I need some serious practice to improve my technique. No fault of Dug’s. He took me under his wing and told me exactly what to do at just about every switchback. I just couldn’t do it very well. Looking forward to next season. Thanks for the hike, Dug.

    @Nate – I’m definitely hooked. It was sweet.

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